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Swallow Sidecar Model 6


Production: 1924

Production Type: Mass Production

Swallow Sidecar Model 6 Competition is a special model for competitions of various levels. It was the initiative of William Lyons, who was fond of motorcycle racing.

Model 6

Swallow Sidecar Model 6 Overview

This sidecar has done much to prove the wonderful reliability of “Swallow” design. No fewer than 23 World’s Records have been broken with this Sidecar, including every available 350 c.c. sidecar record from 1 kilo. to 10 miles, flying and standing start.

The choice of the expert is convincing proof that the “Swallow” is the acme of perfection. All famous speed men use a “Swallow”, including Mr. W. D. Marchant, Mr. H. Le Vack, Mr. G. W. Patchett, Mr. J. S. Worters, Mr. E. S. Prestwich, Mr. Jack Emerson, Mr. J. S. Wright, Mr. L. J. Pellat, &c., &c.

Only Standard Chassis (No. 2) are used by the above famous riders.

Price complete, as illustrated – 12£ 12s. 0d.

Swallow Sidecar Model 6 Photogallery

People: William Lyons William Walmsley

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