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Jaguar Mark V Saloon

Production: 1948 - 1951

Production Type: Mass Production

Produced: 9502

Jaguar Mk V Saloon is a Saloon-type car (all-metal roof) produced with two types of engines of 2.5 and 3.5 liters.

Mark V Saloon

About Jaguar Mark V Saloon

The Jaguar Mk V type Saloon with an all-metal body and a fixed roof was announced to the press on September 30, 1948, and the official release took place at the London Motor Show on October 27, 1948.

It was introduced with two engines of 2.5 and 3.5 liters, although a more advanced XK engine was already ready at that time.

The production of the car ended in 1951 after the release of the Jaguar Mk VII . About 9,502 Saloon cars were created, of which ~1,671 per 2.5 liters (right hand drive - 1,481, left hand drive - 190) and ~7,831 per 3.5 liters (right hand drive - 5926, left hand drive - 1,905).

Jaguar Mark V Saloon Overview

The model was similar to its predecessor, the Jaguar Mark IV Saloon, but the new model differed in a number of ways: changed body lines, new front suspension, redesigned main headlights, etc.

Jaguar Mark V Saloon Technical Specification

2.5 Liter: 2663 c.c.; 6 cylinders; Cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 73 × 106 mm; Two S.U. carburetor; 103 HP (~70 kW).
3.5 Liter: 3485 c.c.; 6 cylinders; Cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 82 × 110 mm; Two S.U. carburetor; 125 HP (~93 kW).
Removable cylinder head made of chrome iron, pistons made of aluminum, crankshaft with 7 bearings, light alloy connecting rods. Two SU carburetors, thermostatic pump cooling system, dual exhaust system, forced lubrication system, Lucas signature ignition coil, submersible oil pump.

Transmission: Four-speed, synchronized.

Gear ratios: 1at - 15.35, 2at - 9.01, 3at - 6.21, top - 4.55.

Frame: Steel frame of increased strength and rigidity. Stability when turning is provided by fasteners.

Suspension: Independent front suspension with wishbone and torsion bar. Hydraulic shock absorbers. Rear suspension with silicon-manganese steel transverse leaf springs controlled by Girling PV.7 hydraulic dampers.

Electrical equipment: Lucas de Luxe kit, 12 volt equipment. 64 amp battery with 10 hours discharge, built-in headlights and wing lamps, two fog lights, stoplights, air conditioning, reversing light, taillights, door-controlled interior lamps, dual horn, cigarette lighter, windshield wipers.

Brakes: Millenite ventilated drums with two pads each and handbrake on the rear wheels.

Controls: Steering gear with screw and ball nut Burman. Bluemel steering wheel.

Gas Equipment: One electric pump with 14 gallon tank and rear fender filler.

Dashboard: Speedometer at 120 mph, rev gauge, ammeter, clock, fuel gauge, water temperature gauge, oil gauge, emergency light switch.

Finishes: "Vaumol" and "Dunlopillo". The floor is covered with thick carpet with felt backing. Wooden elements are made of polished walnut wood. Front and rear window with ventilation. Roomy trunk. Leather pockets with clasps on the doors.

Dimensions: Length 15′ 7″, width 5′ 8 1/2″, height 5′ 2 1/2″, unloaded turntable 37′ 0″. The wheelbase is 10′ 0″, the front track is 4′ 8″, the rear track is 4′ 9 1/2″.

Weight: 32 cwt / 1626 kg.

Sitting: Forward sitting with adjustment of height and depth. Rear seats with armrest.

Wheels and Tires: Stamping with Dunlop 6.70×16 tires.

Spare wheel and tools: The spare wheel is located in a special compartment in the rear of the body. Tools are in a special retractable container with automatic illumination.

Jacking: Any wheel can be raised in 10 seconds without much effort using special jacks.

Trunk: Luggage is placed in a locker at the rear of the car.

Colours: Body/Trim: Green Suede/Green Suede; Ivory/Red; Ivory/Blue; Birch/Red; Birch/Grey; Birch/Blue; Marine Grey/Blue; Marine Grey/Grey; Marine Grey/Biscuit; Lavender Grey/Red; Lavender Grey/Green Suede; Lavender Grey/Blue; Gun Grey/Red; Gun Grey/Gray; Gun Grey/Blue; Black red; Black/Pale brown; Black gray; Black/Biscuit; Black/Dark beige; Pastel Green/Green Suede; Pastel Green/Grey; Pastel Blue/Light Blue; Variegated gray/Pale brown; Variegated Grey/Biscuit.

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