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Swallow Swift Swallow

10 HP Sports Saloon

Production: 1929 - 1931

Production Type: Mass Production

Produced: 100

The Swift Swallow 10 HP Sports Saloon is a car that was supposed to replace the Austin Seven Swallow and kick-start the company.

Swift Swallow

About Swallow Swift Swallow

Swift Ten (Swift 10) is a Swift model that was released in 1926. By 1929, the car was not only overpriced at £220, but also completely standard and unobtrusive in appearance.

Henlys (Swallow Coachbuilding Company's dealer) advised the company's management to pay attention to this model in 1929.

The car was first shown at the London Motor Show British International Motor Show in the autumn of 1929, along with two models – Fiat Swallow and Standard Swallow. Moreover, Swift Swallow among them had the highest price – £ 278.

The car was produced from the end of 1929 until the spring of 1931 (there are two versions: from 10.1929 to 06.1931, or 03.1930 to 04.1931), until the Swift company went bankrupt. According to various sources, from 50 to 150 cars were produced.

To date, at least 2 surviving models are known. One of them is owned by the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust.

Swallow Swift Swallow Overview

This charming car combines, in a unique measure, the exclusive beauty of Swallow Coachwork with the outstanding quality and performance for which the Swift is justly famous. Here, indeed, is a car which will give real and lasting satisfaction.

The latest 1931 models received updated body parts - bumpers and vents on the hood. The body was mounted on a special Sports chassis.

Swallow Swift Swallow Technical Specification

Engine: 1190 cc (1.2 liters), 4 cylinders (side), 22 hp, Intake distribution (timing): SV, Cylinder and piston stroke: 62.5 × 97 mm.

Drive: Worm.

Maximum speed: About 100 km/h (60 mph).

Transmission: Four-speed mechanics.

Suspension: Semi-elliptical transverse leaf spring.

Shock absorbers: Mechanical.

Curb weight: about 800 kg.

Wheelbase: 2591 mm.

Track width: 1168 mm.

Length: ~3700 mm.

Width: ~ 1420 mm.

Height: ~ 1500 mm.

Wheels: spoked, Dunlop.

Chassis: 10 h.p. Swift Sports chassis with four-speed gear box. Wire wheels with Dunlop oversize tyres 29 ins. by 5.00.

Body construction: The frame is of selected ash with aluminium panels. Exceptionally large doors.

Interior furnishings: These are of polished mahogany with upholstery of real leather in colours to match the exterior finish. The beautiful instrument board contains speedometer, clock, ammeter, ash trays, and oil pressure gauge. Other features include Houbigant Ladies’ Companion, Roof Light, Automatic Screen wiper, Mirror – all beautifully finished to match the interior decorations.

The seating: provides luxurious comfort for four adults. The sunken floor ensures the maximum leg room.

Other features: include Swallow Mascot of striking futuristic design, Licence Holder. etc. All exterior fittings are of chromium finish.

Range of colour schemes.
No less than twelve different combinations of colours are provided. These are as follows:

Duo colour schemes: ivory and crimson, cream and green, light mole brown and deep suede brown, ivory and black, cherry red and maroon, sky blue and Danish blue, ivory and violet, birch grey and battleship grey, ivory and dark blue, apple green and deep leaf green.

The first-mentioned colour in each case alludes to the body below the waist line, and the latter to the wings, wheels, chassis and head above the waist line.

Relief colours: all black and green, all black and red, all ivory and suede brown.

The relief colour applies to the waist line and wheel rims. In the case of the all-ivory body, the relief colour applies also to the wings.

All Swallow Coachwork is finished in highly polished cellulose, and every detail of the interior and the exterior is harmonised to create a most artistic “ensemble”.

Optional extras:
Pressed Steel Luggage Carrier -1£ 12s. 6d.
Spring Steering wheel (colour as desired) Swift model – 2£ 5s. 0d.
Radiator muff (all models) – 16s. 0d.
Hobson’s Telegauge (Petrol gauge) – 2£ 9s. 6d.
Bosch Note Horn (British Manufacture) – 1£ 7s. 6d.
Carella Umbrella in colour to match car, complete, fitted neatly to inside of door – 1£ 1s. 0d.
Lucas Dipper and Switch for head lights – 1£ 7s. 6d.
Eight-day clock – 2? 2s. 0d.
Spot light adjustable and chromium plated, with plain or fog lens – 1£ 5s. 0d.
Fitting 7/6 extra.
Wilmot Electric Direction indicators – 1£ 15s. 0d.
Fitting 12/6 extra.
Chromium plated double bar bumpers – 4£ 15s. 0d.
Splintex safety glass:
Swift swallow, All round – 3£ 10s. 0d.
Windscreen only – 1£ 10s. 0d.

Price: complete to specification – 278£.

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