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Swallow Austin Swallow Sports Two-Seater

Production: 1927 - 1932

Production Type: Mass Production

Produced: 800

Austin Seven Swallow Sports Two-Seater is a two-seat model of the Austin Seven with a soft folding roof.

Austin Swallow Sports Two-Seater

About Swallow Austin Swallow Sports Two-Seater

The car in this body was not only actually the first car of the Swallow company, but also the first model with which the construction of Austin Seven in other bodies began.

The history of the creation of the model is interesting and unusual - one of the former employees had an accident and asked the workshop to make a new body for his car. Having completed this order, Lyons and Walmsley realized that they could handle not only strollers, but also cars. It was after this incident that the choice fell on the cheap and popular Austin 7.

Swallow Austin Swallow Sports Two-Seater Overview

The wonderful popularity which has attained by this Model is convincing proof of its sterling qualities. It is accepted as the ideal Sports car. The luxurious comfort of the spacious seating, together with the provision of perfect weather protection, undoubtedly fulfil the most exacting demands of the Connoisseur.

Swallow Austin Swallow Sports Two-Seater Technical Specification

Body frame: Constructed of specially selected ash, by highly skilled craftsmen. All panels are of aluminium, ensuring strength, yet light weight. The doors are exceptionally large and offer easy access. The locker accommodates the spare wheel, and provides space sufficient for a reasonable amount of luggage.

Interior trimming and upholstery: Are finished in most luxurious style, being of real leather in pigskin grain, heavily pleated, in colours to match the cellulose finish – red, green, blue, brown, or black. The floor coverings are of fluted rubber matting.

Instrument facia board: Is of solid mahogany, or walnut, highly polished. Neatly mounted with switchbox, ammeter, speedometer, and oil pressure gauge.

Windscreen: Of the Sports Vee type, is glazed with plate glass, having hinged panel on the driver’s side. Pillars and channels are heavilly chromium plated.

Windscreen wiper: Automatic “Trico”.

All-weather equipment: The hood is exceptionally neat, in colours to match the cellulose finish, and is concealed when not in use by an envelope provided for its protection. The design is such that all draught is entirely eliminated, the interior valances making positive contact with the windscreen and sidescreens. The latter are particularly rigid, and may be locked in position by means of a special security device.

Wings: Graceful in design, whilst being essentially of the sports type, provide adequate protection. Constructed of heavy gauge steel, and strongly stayed, absence of drumming is assured.

Chromium-plated radiator cowl: Of new and handsome design, lends a very substantial appearance to the whole car, and at the same time enables the body to be constructed on very spacious lines.

Lighting equipment: The Head Lamps are mounted on brackets between the cowl and wings and in such a position are exceptionally rigid. Side lamps in chromium finish, of special sports design, are mounted on the wings, and fitted with powerful domed lens at the front and ruby at the rear.

Cellulose finish: Exceptionally highly polished, in nine attractive colour schemes representing the standard finish – Cream and Crimson, Grey and Green, Light Mole Brown and Deep Suede Brown, Ivory and Black, Cherry Red and Maroon, Sky Blue and Danish Blue, Cream and Violet, Birch Grey and Battleship Grey, Ivory and Dark Blue.

The first-mentioned colour in each case alludes to the body, the latter to the wheels, wings and chassis. Hood materials and upholstery, however, are supplied only in crimson, green, black, brown, and blue. Colour pattern book, containing standard colours, can be supplied to clients.

Chromium finish: All external fittings and parts are of chromium finish.

The swallow Mascot: Of artistic design, also Licence Holder, is included in the specification.

Seating accommodation: This is one of the most important features in all bodies, and has, consequently, received the very special attention of the designers. Ample width for any two adult passengers is provided, and the leg room, even for a sports car, is more than usually spacious. Weight distribution has also been carefully studied, with the result that the car is rock-steady at all speeds, particularly on corners and greasy roads.

Saloon head: This model may be supplied with Saloon head rigidly fixed, but quickly detachable, so that it may be readily interchangeable with the Cape Hood. The finish of this Head represents the finest example of the panel beater’s skill. The graceful lines and dome are indeed striking. The interior is lined with Bedford Cord or hair line. A standard type saloon ventilator is fitted in the roof, and an artistically-designed electric light with tumbler switch. The saloon head is cellulose finished in colour to match the wheels, wings and chassis.

Interior Measurements: Width of body – 38″ inside, Centre of backrest to pedals – 43″, width of doors – 25″, Height of backrest from cushions – 22″, Depth of body inside – 27″, Over-all length of car – 10′, Over-all width of car – 4′ 2″, Unladen weight – 8 cwt.

Chassis: Special sports chassis, with raked steering, and sports silencer with 2″ tail pipe.

Complete to Specification with Cape Hood only – 170£ 10s. 0d.
Complete to Specification with Coupe Saloon Head only – 180£ 10s. 0d.
Complete to Specification with Cape Hood and Interchangeable Coupe Saloon Head – 185£ 10s. 0d.

“Splintex” Glass Windscreen – 3£ 10s. 0d.
Ship’s-type Air Ventilators – 1£ 1s. 0d.
Eight-day Clock – 2£ 2s. 0d.
Interior Saloon or Exterior Adjustable Mirror – 12s. 6d.

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