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Swallow Morris Cowley Swallow

Production: 1927 - unknown

Production Type: Mass Production

Morris Cowley Swallow is a car on a chassis and with an engine from Morris Cowley, but with a body made by designers from Swallow.

Morris Cowley Swallow

About Swallow Morris Cowley Swallow

In 1927, after showing off the Austin Seven Swallow (and a successful sales start), Swallow decided to upgrade the larger car. And already on August 19, 1927, Morris Cowley Swallow made his debut in The Autocar magazine.

Unfortunately, competitors from Morris Garage (MG) also took the chassis and engine from this car as the basis. Due to unprofitability, only a few Cowley Swallow models were produced. However, during this time they managed to get small changes (starting from the first model): pipes on the hood, a divided radiator grille, etc.

Swallow Morris Cowley Swallow Overview

The Swallow bodywork was slightly lower than the original. It had 2 seats for adults, and there were additional seats in the opening trunk. To date, only a part of the characteristics of the model is known.

Swallow Morris Cowley Swallow Technical Specification

Engine: ~1548 cc, 4 cylinders, ~25 hp

Maximum speed: About 90 km/h.

Wheelbase: ~2660 mm.

Housing: Made of aluminum panels.

Windshield: Double-leaf V-type.

Dashboard: Mahogany polished wood.

Sitting: With adjustment for convenience of the driver.

Interior Finishing: Lacquered wood trim adorns the top of the doors and dashboard. Seats and upholstery in leather.

Body Finish: Painted in 2 colors: upper part, wheels, and chassis - purple, lower part of the body - cream.

Vehicle length: ~3892 mm.

Standard kit with folding roof - £ 220;
Standard set with a hard removable roof - £ 230;
Standard set with folding roof and hard removable roof - £235.

Swallow Morris Cowley Swallow Models

The model was sold in 3 trim levels: with a folding roof, with a removable roof, both roofs at once. Accordingly, 2 models were produced, the difference between which was the type of roof (Two-Seater and Coupe).

Swallow Morris Cowley Swallow Photogallery

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