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Jaguar XK100

Production: 03/1948

Production Type: Prototype

The Jaguar XK100 is a sports car project with an all-new 2-litre XG engine that has closed for unknown reasons.


About Jaguar XK100

The car was based on a completely new engine marked XG (4 cylinders), the creation of which began in 1943 by the leading employees of the company. Many experimental samples were created, each of which was marked with the letter X with the following postscript in alphabetical order (XA, XB, etc.) until the desired options were achieved.

In February 1948, an experimental prototype "Jaguar Super Sports" was developed, specifically designed to demonstrate a new range of engines (XG at 100 mph, and XK at 120 mph). Before being shown to the public, the model was repeatedly improved until it took on the outlines of the famous Jaguar XK120.

The prototype was shown to the public at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1948. In Britain, the announcement took place at the Grosvenor Hotel on October 22, 1948, and five days later at the Earl`s Court Motor Show, where it was presented with both engines . The model was created to attract the attention of the audience and was not planned for mass production, but, unexpectedly, made a splash. The company's management was not ready for such a turn, especially given the fact that the model's body was hand-made from soft and pliable aluminum.

Production of the Jaguar XK100 (with a 2 liter 4-cylinder XG engine) was never launched, although the car was in the company's 1948-1949 catalogs and was planned to be the lead. There may be several reasons why the project was curtailed without even getting into production:

All reasons could affect the fate of the project in the aggregate, but unfortunately the real ones are not known.

Jaguar XK100 Overview

Other than the engine, the XK100’s specifications were largely similar to the XK120’s.

Jaguar XK100 Technical Specification

Engine: Two-liter four-cylinder engine with two camshafts, 1995 s.s. (105 bhp, 5000 rpm), bore and stroke 80.5×98 mm., compression ratio 7:1 (8:1), high quality cast iron block, high strength aluminum alloy cylinder head with spherical combustion chambers, aluminum pistons, light alloy connecting rods, forced lubrication system with submersible pump and Tecalemit filter, two horizontal SU carburetors with electric throttle, crankshaft with 3 bearings.

Gearbox: Four-speed helical synchronized gearbox. Borg&Beck clutch disc (10″), Hardy Spicer shaft.

Gear ratios: 1at - 13.79, 2at - 8.1, 3at - 5.59, top - 4.09.

Body: Aerodynamic aluminum body with two seats, spacious trunk in the rear with a special compartment for a spare wheel and tools, adjustable bucket seats, pockets on the doors.

Roof: Mohair roof hidden behind the rear seats with removable side screens.

Finishing: Made of high quality leather, floor with felt backing.

Dimensions: Weight - 21 1/2 cwt. Overall length - 14’ 0 ", width - 5’ 1 ", height - 4’ 2 ", ground clearance - 7 1/2 ". Wheelbase - 8′ 6″, front track width – 4′ 3″, rear track width – 4′ 2″.

Dashboard: Speedometer 120 mph, rpm gauge, ammeter, oil gauge, coolant temperature gauge, fuel gauge with warning light, electric clock.

Control: Burman with screw and ball nut. 18 inch steering wheel.

Wheels and tires: Forged steel rims with Dunlop 6.00×16 tyres.

Electrical: Lucas de Luxe 12 volt with 64 amp battery (10 hour charge), voltage control system, centrifugal ignition advance, headlights and wing lamps, brake lights, instrument panel illumination, dual horn, wipers , cigarette lighter, starter, heating system only as an additional option.

Suspension: Independent front suspension with wishbone and torsion bar. Telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers. Rear transverse leaf springs with Girling PV.7 hydraulic dampers.

Brakes: Girling dual pad hydraulic brakes, Millenite drums with integrated vents.

Gas Equipment: 15 gallon tank (25 gallon surcharge) with two SU electric pumps

Colors: Body/Interior: Bronze/Biscuit, Pale Brown; Birch/Biscuit, Red; Green suede/Green suede; Black/Biscuit, Dark Beige; Black/Biscuit, Red; Red/Biscuit, Red; Silver/Red; Silver/Light Blue, Dark Blue; Pastel Blue Metallic/Light Blue, Navy Blue; Pastel Green Metallic/Green Suede; Cream/Biscuit, Red; Cream/Biscuit, Dark Beige.

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