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Swallow Standard Swallow 16 HP

Production: 1931 - 05/1933

Production Type: Mass Production

Produced: 56

The Standard Swallow 16 HP is the most powerful model in the range of vehicles built using Standard Motor Company components.

Standard Swallow 16 HP

About Swallow Standard Swallow 16 HP

Appearing in 1931 as a result of expanding the line of models and the desire of management to make more powerful cars, he also could not find enough popularity.

At Swallow Coachwork, only the bodywork and various body parts were made, and all this was put on the chassis and the Standard 16 HP engine (at that time it was made in a similar body – Ensign).

Swallow Standard Swallow 16 HP Overview

It, like other Standard Swallow models that were produced before 1931, also had double bumpers and intake pipes as standard. The car was sold a little more expensive than its predecessors - for £ 265. Before the cessation of production in 1933, only about 56 cars were made.

Swallow Standard Swallow 16 HP Technical Specification

Engine: S6 SV - 2054 cc (2 liters), 6 cylinders, 48 hp (36 kW), Cylinder diameter and piston stroke: 65.6 × 101.6 mm.

Drive: Screw - ball nut.

Wheels: Dunlop, spoked.

Shock absorbers: Mechanical.

Top speed: About 64 mph (just over 100 km/h).

Transmission: Four-speed mechanics.

Suspension: Semi-elliptical transverse leaf spring.

Curb weight: ~1100 kg.

Wheelbase: ~2768 mm.

Track width: ~1219 mm.

Length: ~3962 mm.

Width: ~1727 mm.

Swallow Standard Swallow 16 HP Models

Standard Swallow Saloon Overview

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