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Swallow Sidecar Chassis Model No. 1

Twin Axle Chassis

Production: 1922

Production Type: Mass Production

Swallow Sidecar No. 1 Twin Axle Chassis is the very first sidecar chassis. The design was based on a two-axis mechanism.

Chassis Model No. 1

Swallow Sidecar Chassis Model No. 1 Technical Specification

This Chassis may be absolutely relied upon for use with machines of any h.p., having withstood the most severe and exacting tests possible.

It is scientifically constructed, and, is spite of the enormous strength, is not unnecessarily heavy.

No attempt has been made to produce this chassis at a low price, for, if strength and reliability are to be maintained, it is impossible to do so.

All lugs are accurately machined, and tubes are of the finest quality steel. All steel is meturalurgically tested, thus obviating possibility of flaws.

The Suspension – has been carefully studied, leaf springs being fore and ait, tempered in accordance with the weight of the body, and suitable for passengers from 8-12 stone. Special springs supplied to order for lighter or heavier passengers.

The Wheel – this may be supplied in any size, with voiturette rim built up to a large hub with heavy gauge spokes. The spindle, lin, diameter, of specially tested steel, is detachable and bloted into the chassis lug.

The Fittings – ate specially manufactured for all the popular machines on the market, accurately machined to blue prints kindly supplies by the makers, to incorporate with the lugs in the frame of the Motor Cycle. If required, clip fittings are supplied for plain frames.

The Step – is exceptionally strong, being attached to the near side chassis member by means of a machined double clip lug. The plate itself is cast out of the solid, and is placed at a convenient height for easy access to the body.

Price, complete with Step and Fittings (less tyre) – 11£ 10s. 0d.

Swallow Sidecar Chassis Model No. 1 Photogallery

People: William Lyons William Walmsley

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