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SS Cars SS 1 Sports

Production: 1931 - 1933

Production Type: Mass Production

Produced: 500

The Swallow SS 1 is the first car from Swallow Coachbuilding built on a custom chassis from the Standard Motor Company.

SS 1 Sports

About SS Cars SS 1 Sports

The model in this body is not only the first in the line of SS 1 cars , but also the first full-fledged car created in Swallow.

It was this model that was shown at the end of 1931 in one of the London car dealerships (and was accompanied by a good advertising campaign) and instantly received many orders.

Production started at the very beginning of 1932. The car stood out with its long bonnet to give the impression of massive power, and also featured the quality finishes found on all Swallow body styles. However, at that time there were enthusiasts who stated that the car was "more for show than for fast driving." There were also rumors that the car's engine had problems with overheating.

Perhaps for these reasons, the model lasted only until 1933, after which the chassis, body, and engine were modified (also from the Standard Motor Company). And so the next model appeared – SS 1 Coupe .

In just about a year, after the stunning announcement and the start of production, about 500 Swallow SS 1 models were built. To date, at least 8 surviving copies are reliably known.

SS Cars SS 1 Sports Overview

SS 1 is a car designed for true connoisseurs, the equal of which has never been sold at this price. Every detail of the car is able to satisfy the desires of the most captious owner.

The special low chassis ensures a graceful body line without sacrificing passenger comfort.

There has never been a car that combines exquisite appeal, speed, confidence on the road, amazing passenger comfort, a spacious trunk, quality finishes, and everything that satisfies the desire of any car owner, but is not usually available.

The chassis is manufactured and developed by Standard Motor Company exclusively for Swallow Coachbuilding Company.

Special license plates are designed to conform to the general lines of the body. Customers must decide on their installation when placing an order for a car. Price £1 1s. 0d. per set.

SS Cars SS 1 Sports Technical Specification

Engine: "Standard" with 6 cylinders with side valves, bore and stroke - 65.5x102 mm, 2054 cc Aluminum pistons, duralumin connecting rods. Water cooling system, lubrication system, oil quantity indicator, oil cleaner, chassis lubrication and manual grease gun. Solex carburetor. For a 20 HP engine - £10 extra.

Gearbox: 4 speed easy shifting. Gear ratios: Top - 4.66, Third - 6.15, Second - 9.75, First - 16.1.

Dimensions: Overall vehicle length 14′ 6″, width 5′ 0″, height 4′ 7″, inside body width 47″, doors 34 1/2″, center back to pedals (adjustable) 48 ″ maximum, 40″ minimum, back height - 26″, case depth inside - 41″.
Chassis: Includes special frame, engine block and radiator located behind the front wheels. Wheelbase - 9 ft. 4 in. Track - 4 ft. 1 in.

Electrical equipment: 12 volts. Large P.170 lamps, chrome switches, sports fender lamps.

Building bridge: Conically inclined with a banjo type casing.

Front axle: H-beam.

Steering: "Marles-Weller" for comfortable driving. Rudder - 38 ft.

Suspension: On semi-elliptic springs. Front - 32 x 1.5 inches, rear - 42 x 0.5 inches.

Gasoline equipment: AC gasoline pump with 9 gallon gas tank located at the rear of the vehicle.

Wheels and tires: 18" Rudge-Whitworth sport wheels fitted with Dunlop 28x5.50 tires.

Grille: Chrome-plated and specially designed to match the graceful lines of the body.

Bumpers: Have a significant and attractive appearance.

Colour: Multiple color schemes available. Body and wheels: Nile blue, apple green, carnation red, dark yellow, birch, primrose. Black roof, trunk, fenders. For those who desire a painted roof, there are the following colors: apple green body and wheels, olive roof, trunk, and fenders. The body and wheels are carnation red, and the roof, trunk, and fenders are lake colors. Dark yellow body and wheels, and chocolate wings, trunk, roof.

Body: With leather roof. It is an example of true craftsmanship.

Doors: Provide easy access to the inside of the car, mounted on chrome hinges. Includes special lock.

Roof: Leather with chrome hinges. Contains a protected hatch. The space inside will provide comfort for tall passengers.

Trunk: Leather with a special lock. Provides plenty of space and is ideal for travel.

Sunroof: Completely new design. Invisible when closed and has a large opening when open.

Windows: Opening windshield in the closed position fixed on rubber gaskets. Equipped with “Lucas” electric wipers.

Hood: Made of stainless steel and has special fasteners.

Wings: 9" domed with adequate protection.

Finishing: High-quality upholstery by Vaumol in colors matching the body. The instrument panel and woodwork are in polished Sycamore, in a color that matches the upholstery.

Dashboard: Illuminated and includes: speedometer, electric clock, ammeter, oil pressure gauge, electric fuel gauge.

Seats: Adjustable seats provide comfort for 2 and sometimes 3 passengers with ease. The rear seats are for minors only, although they can sometimes fit an adult.

Auxiliary equipment: Internal chrome and matte elements, including: mirror, lamp and its switch, rear blinds, ashtray, men’s and women’s sets (mirror and powder box).

Price: Standard specification £310.

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