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SS Cars SS 2 Sports

Production: 1931 - 1933

Production Type: Mass Production

Produced: 550

The SS 2 is actually a stripped-down version of the SS 1, built on a chassis and engine from Standard Little Nine. The first SS 2 also known as SS2 Sports (Series 1).

SS 2 Sports

About SS Cars SS 2 Sports

Debuting at the London Exhibition in late 1931, the car also began to receive production orders, as did the SS 1 . This was not surprising, especially given the fact that an intriguing advertising campaign had been running for several months.

The car differed from the SS 1 in a number of factors: a shorter muzzle and overall length, a less powerful engine, a noticeably different price, which, given the almost complete similarity of the bodies, made the SS 2 an excellent option for purchase. The model was built on a serial chassis and with an engine from the “Standard Little Nine”, in contrast to the exclusive one on which the SS1 was built .

The production of the model was launched in 1932. In the same year, it was decided to install a four-speed gearbox on the SS 2, instead of a three-speed one. By the end of 1933, the body and chassis of the model were changed, thus launching the second series, which began to be produced from the beginning of 1934.

Until 1933, approximately 550 SS 2 cars of the first series were produced.

SS Cars SS 2 Sports Overview

The SS 2 is a car designed to satisfy the desires of those who want a small car, but with details that are found in the most expensive models.

Body lines and high-quality interior finishes mark all the features characteristic of the most luxurious cars.

A great car with an adjustable and comfortable front seat for the comfort of two adults and seats for teenagers in the back. It also includes a spacious trunk, a great view for the driver, modern design, quality finishes, and everything that is usually not available at this price.

SS Cars SS 2 Sports Technical Specification

Dimensions: Vehicle overall length 12′ 0″, width 4′ 6″, height 4′ 6″, inside body width 3′ 7″, doors 2′ 10 1/2″, center back to pedals ( adjustable) – 48″ maximum, 40″ minimum, back height – 25″, body depth inside – 41″. Wheelbase - 7′ 6″. Track - 3′ 8″.
Chassis: The chassis is designed by Standard Motor Company and includes a specially tuned engine.
Gearbox: 3-speed gearbox with a fairly easy and convenient gear shifting. Gear ratios: Top - 5.22-1, Second - 9.61-1, First - 19.05-1. Reverse - 26.98-1.
Engine: 4 cylinder with side valves, cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 60.25x88 mm, 1005 cc - £ 9. Crankshaft on balanced bearings, duralumin connecting rods, aluminum pistons, grease pump, ignition coil, Solex carburetor, clutch.
Electrical equipment: 6 volts. A starter set of lighting equipment and a wheel switch to dim the headlights.
Building bridge: Conically inclined with banjo shroud.
Front axle: H beam.
Brakes: Bendix “Duo Servo” with hand and foot control.
Steering: Worm. Rudder - 34 ft.
Suspension: Semi-elliptical leaf springs. Front - 27 1/4 × 1 1/2 inches, rear - 39 × 1 inches. Mechanical dampers Hartford.
Gas equipment: Autovac with 5 gallon tank in the rear of the vehicle.
Wheels and Tires: Dunlop Magma 27x4.75 tires on 18" rims.
Radiator grille: Corresponds to the lines of the body, chrome-plated.
Bumpers: Have an attractive appearance.
Colors: Carefully selected range of several color schemes. Body and wheels: Nile blue, birch, apple green, primrose, carnation red, dark yellow. Black roof, trunk, fenders. There is also an alternative color option: apple green wheels and body, olive roof, fenders, trunk. The body and wheels are the color of a red carnation, and the trunk, roof, fenders are lake. Dark yellow wheels and body, and chocolate roof, trunk, fenders.
Bodywork: Real workmanship with a leather roof and a roomy trunk.
Doors: Easily provide access to the inside of the car. They contain a special lock and are mounted on chrome hinges.
Roof: Made of leather with chrome hinges. Provides excellent comfort even to the tallest passengers.
Trunk: Roomy and ideal for travel. Made from quality leather.
Roof hatch: No visible gaps. Fairly spacious when open.
Windows: The windshield is made of high quality safety glass and has the ability to open (and when closed, it is fixed on rubber gaskets). Electric windshield wipers from Lucas.
Hood: Made of high quality stainless steel. Mounted on special fasteners.
Fenders: 8 inch, domed, excellent vehicle protection.
Finishes: Vaumol interior trim and flooring in various colors to match the bodywork. The instrument panel and woodwork are finished in Sycamore "Fiddle Black" polished, in a color that matches the interior trim.
Dashboard: Illuminated and contains: clock, speedometer, oil pressure gauge, fuel gauge, ammeter.
Seats: The front seats will easily provide comfort for two (and sometimes three) adult passengers. The rear seats are designed for teenagers, but can also accommodate an adult.
Accessories: Various chrome and matte elements: mirror, ashtray, roof light and its switch, rear blinds, male (tools) and female (mirror and powder box) sets.
Price: Standard specification £210.

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