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Swallow Sidecar Model 2

Light Weight De-Luxe

Production: 1922

Production Type: Mass Production

The Swallow Sidecar model 2 Light Weight De-Luxe entered the lineup in 1922. It was with her that the manufacture of the body of the strollers from 5 aluminum sheets began.

Model 2

Swallow Sidecar Model 2 Overview

The introduction of technology for the manufacture of strollers from 5 aluminum sheets pursued several simple goals: expanding the model range, reducing the time to produce one unit, reducing the total weight.

Swallow Sidecar Model 2 Technical Specification

Body: although designed for 2-4 h.p. Motor Cycles, nevertheles provides roominess and comfort superior to many larger types of sidecars, which appear ungainly fitted to small machines.

The body moulds may be painted and lined to suit requirements, or, as an alternative, polished mouldings with plated nose. Perfect rigidity and strength is ensured by the scientific construction of the frame, which is of specially selected Ash throughout.

The upholstery: offers luxurious comfort: the cushion and backrest are pneumatic, and of patent design which ensures bouyancy and depth of accommodation. The interior is trimmed in first quality leather cloth, heavily plated, in colours to match the paintwork.

The locker: is very spacious, and, undoubtedly, a considerable asset for touring purposes.

Dimensions: length of body 70 ins. Height of back , 18 ins. Inside width, 18 ins.

Triplex screen: specification as Model 1 and Model 4.

Coverall apron: of first-grade hood material in colours to match upholstery.

Lamp: acetylene or electric, fitted with powerfull domed lens, ruby at the rear. Of exceptionally neat design, conforming with the general lines of the body.

Wheel: of any size may be supplied, with voiturette rim, built up with heavy gauge spokes to a large hub.

Disc: A one-piece spinning, of highly-polished aluminium, is quickly detachable, thus dispensing with the unsightly flap usually provided for inflation purposes.

Tyre: Dunlop Cord of any size is supplied to suit requirements. (Balloon tyres at small extra cost to order).

Fittings: supplied for any make of motor cycle. These are quickly detachable, it being possible to remove the sidecar from the machine in a few minutes.

Step: Of solid aluminium casting, strongly attached to the front of the mudguard.

Chassis: No. 2. Weight approximately 80 Lbs. Price 22£ 10s. 0d.

Fitted with No. 1 Twin xle Chassis, suitable for machines over and upwards of 4 h.p., weight, approximately 100 Lbs. Price 24£ 0s. 0d.

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People: William Lyons William Walmsley

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