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Swallow Sidecar Model II


Production: 1922

Production Type: Mass Production

Swallow Sidecar Model II Lightweight is a lighter version than Model I. It differs only in that the equipment is chosen by the buyer on it.

Model II

Swallow Sidecar Model II Technical Specification

The model was produced practically without body kits. For an additional fee, the buyer could choose additional modules for installation.

Body: 8 metal polished aluminum plates.

Windshield: Tempered.

Chassis: 2 types of chassis were installed (No. 1 and No. 2), but with additional body kits at the choice of the buyer.

List of known body kits:
polished aluminum rim per wheel;
Footboard for the passenger.

Swallow Sidecar Model II Photogallery

People: William Lyons William Walmsley

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