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Swallow Sidecar Model 7

Semi-Sports Fabric

Production: 1924

Production Type: Mass Production

The Swallow Sidecar Model 7 Semi-Sports Fabric is the company's first model to feature a completely new body. It was she who opened the production cycle of the following models.

Model 7

Swallow Sidecar Model 7 Overview

The exceptional popularity of the Super Sports and Lightweight Sports de-Luxe has created a demand for a sidecar embodying the same first-class finish and workmanship at a lower price.

This has been attained by simplifying production without in any way forfeiting the sporting and elegant appearance, characteristic of the Swallow. The price has been made extremely attractive, and those perusing the specification should bear in mind that, although it is possible to produce a cheaper sidecar, it cannot be accomplished if the high quality and reliability, so essential to one’s pleasure, is to be retained.

An attractive utility Model suitable for machines up to 350 c.c. the seating accommodation is proportionately spacious without detracing from the lines of the body. The upholstery is luxurious and comfortable, the passenger being assured of ease throughout the longest of journeys.

An ideal Sidecar for Competition purposes or Sporting Events and represents the greatest possible value.

Swallow Sidecar Model 7 Technical Specification

The body: finished in highly-polished aluminium, this body is soundly constructed. The corner moulding of round section, polished aluminium, second firmly with plated screws, gives a very sturdy appearance. The seating accommodation is, as on all Swallow Models, extremely spacious, this being obtained by a heavily upholstered hammock seat. The upholstery is of first-grade Rexine in antique brown or red.

Dimensions: Length overall, 69*; length inside (from back squab to toe board), 44*; width, 20*; height at front, 30*.

Colours: This body is finished in finest quality fabrie in a two-colour scheme if required, in a choice of the following colours: Blue, Ivory, Green, Red, Black, or Brown.

Upholstery: Lace spring with best quality Rexine in Blue, Red, Green, Black, or Brown.

Coverall Apron: Of first quality material.

Specification: Semi-circular chrome metal framed screen, set at an angle close to the passenger, and coverall apron.

Chassis: For machines up to 4 h.p. this chassis, although exceptionally light, is of exceptional strenght, being constructed throughout with highest grade steel tubing. A wide and heavily valanced mudguard, strongly stayed, adequately protects passenger.

Wheel: Of any size may be supplied, with voiturette rim, built up with heavy gauge spokes to a large hub.

The Suspension: is by means of C springs at the rear, and one heavy coil spiral spring at the front.

Fittings: Specification as other models.

Tyres: Dunlop Cord of any size is supplied to suit requirements. (Balloon tyres at small extra cost to order).

Price complete as per specification – 12£ 12s. 0d.
Windscreen of heavy guage Celluloid, easily detachable, as illustrated – 7s. 6d. extra.
Step complete, as fitted to Model (4) – 12s. 6d.
Polished Aluminium Disc – 25s. 0d.
With No. 1 Twin Axle Chassis – 45s. 0d.
Complete with No. 3 Chassis – 12£ 12s. 0d.
Complete with New Short Chassis – 14£ 2s. 0d.
(Body only, 7£ 0s. 0d.).

Door – 12s. 0d.
Fabric type Hood and Screen – 2£ 0s. 0d.

Swallow Sidecar Model 7 Photogallery

People: William Lyons William Walmsley

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