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SS Cars Trailer No 1 Mark 2

10 cwt 2 Wheel Lightweight General Service

Production: 1942 - unknown

Production Type: Mass Production

Produced: 24810

Trailer No 1 Mk 2 (Mark 2) is a second series landing trailer produced by several British companies during the Second World War.

Trailer No 1 Mark 2

About SS Cars Trailer No 1 Mark 2

An order for the production of trailers was received presumably in early 1944 from the British Ministry of Defense. Since SS Cars Ltd had already been manufacturing No 1 Mk 1 trailers since 1942, only a slight change in production processes had to be made.

SS Cars Trailer No 1 Mark 2 Overview

The trailer had a maximum load capacity of 10 London handredweights (about 500 kilograms) and a base as 2 wheels.

It is authentically known that 20999 trailers of the second series (Mark 2) were produced by SS Cars Ltd, which actually makes them the main manufacturer of this series. a total of 24810 pieces were made. Of them:

Under contract S6798 (serial numbers from 5851143 to 5853142) 1999 pieces were produced;
Under contract S7120 (serial numbers from 6156693 to 6160692), 3999 pieces were produced;
Under contract S8055 (serial numbers from 6210181 to 6225182), 15,001 pieces were produced.

SS Cars Trailer No 1 Mark 2 Technical Specification

You can distinguish the second model from the first by looking at the following elements: Mark 1 has no fenders above the wheels and is based on a cylinder-shaped tow hitch.

SS Cars Trailer No 1 Mark 2 Photogallery

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