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SS Cars Trailer No 1 Mark 1

10 cwt 2 Wheel Lightweight General Service

Production: 1942 - unknown

Production Type: Mass Production

Produced: 3840

Trailer No 1 Mk 1 (Mark 1) - trailer of the first series produced by "SS Cars Ltd" at the beginning of the Second World War for the needs of the state.

Trailer No 1 Mark 1

About SS Cars Trailer No 1 Mark 1

The production of trailers began in 1942 by order of the British Ministry of Defense. Trailers were intended for various needs on the battlefields during the Second World War.

SS Cars Trailer No 1 Mark 1 Overview

The Trailer was based on 2 wheels and had a maximum carrying capacity of 10 London handredweights (about 500 kilograms).

According to archival documents, it is reliably known that 3840 trailers of the first series (Mark 1) were produced by SS Cars Ltd. Of them:

Under contract S2555 (serial numbers from 5278091 to 5281740), 3649 pieces were produced;
Under contract S2786 (serial numbers from 5845741 to 5845932), 191 pieces were produced.

SS Cars Trailer No 1 Mark 1 Technical Specification

A distinctive feature of the Mark 1 model is the absence of wings and the presence of a certain type of hydraulic cylinder (rounded) on the drawbar.

SS Cars Trailer No 1 Mark 1 Photogallery

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