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SS Cars SS 1 Drop Head Coupe

Production: 1935 - 1936

Production Type: Mass Production

The SS 1 Drop Head Coupe is the latest model in the SS1 car series, also built with special components from Standard.

SS 1 Drop Head Coupe

About SS Cars SS 1 Drop Head Coupe

The Drophead Coupe was born from the expansion of the SS 1 range in 1935. A distinctive feature was a folding soft top, which was completely retracted into a special protected compartment, thereby turning the car into a full-fledged open "Tourer" with smooth body lines.

Like the production of the entire SS 1 series , the car was finished in 1936. There is no information about exact numbers of cars built.

SS Cars SS 1 Drop Head Coupe Overview

The car takes into account not only the standard requirements for models of this type, but also a number of additional advantages that make this car incomparable with others.

This model is an urban coupe, with all the elegance of appearance that is inseparable from the SS models.

With the roof down, it transforms into a fully open touring car, with a smooth and even line from the hood to the tail. The effect is achieved through a special compartment into which the roof is lowered, thereby creating smooth lines of the body.

The convertible roof structure has a completely different mechanism than previous models. Deployment and folding of the roof is quite simple and without any special tools.

With excellent performance and stunning looks, with or without a roof, the model is the best embodiment of the "Perfect dual-use vehicle" status.

SS Cars SS 1 Drop Head Coupe Technical Specification

Engine: "Standard" supplied under an individual contract for "SS Cars Ltd" (6 cylinders). 16 HP, 2143 cc, cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 65.5x106 mm. 20 HP, 2663-7 cc, cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 73x106 mm. Includes: Two RAG carburetors, ignition coil, aluminum pistons, lubrication and cooling systems, etc. All elements are made of high quality materials and alloys.

Transmission: Gear ratios - 16 HP: First - 16.20, Second - 9.51, Third - 6.18, Top - 4.50. 20 HP: First - 15.30, Second - 8.98, Third - 5.83, Top - 4.25. Synchronized gearbox with fast and convenient gear shifting.

Dimensions: Length – 15′ 6″, Width – 5′ 5 1/2″, Doors – 3′ 6″, Height – 4′ 7″, Seatback Height – 2′ 1″, Interior Cabinet Depth – 3′ 5″ , width inside - 4’, from the center of the backrest to the base of the pedals - 3’ 8" maximum, 3’ 2" minimum. Wheelbase - 9′ 11″, track width – 4′ 5 1/2″.

Drive: Marles-Weller.

Electrical equipment: 12 volts. QBD 166S GC headlights, fender lights, brake lights, reversing light, easy ignition, Lucas horn.

Frame: Low profile and high rigidity.

Axle: Front axle - H-beam. The rear axle is “floating” with a steel casing. 4 differential gears.

Suspension: Perfect comfort and stability at absolutely any speed. All springs with silent blocks. Hatford dampers. All on special supports for quick dismantling.

Wheels and Tires: Dunlop 18x5.50 with Rudge-Whitworth 18" sport rims.

Brakes: Branded Bendix "Duo Servo" with hand and foot control on all wheels. Hand brake.

Gasoline Equipment: Rear mounted 12 gallon 2 1/2" fuel tank, AC fuel pump

Bumpers: Rear bumper provides protection for the spare wheel and trunk. They look pretty attractive.

Body: A real masterwork, combining smooth lines and strength. The interior space will fit even the tallest passenger.

Roof: Made of high quality waterproof fabric with chrome elements.

Finish: “Vaumol” matching body paint. Wooden elements in polished walnut wood. Floor covering in a color that matches the color of the body.

Dashboard: Multifunctional - Electric clock, fuel gauge and oil pressure gauge, speedometer, ammeter, radiator temperature thermometer.

Doors: On special fasteners and have sufficient width.

Windows: Windshield - folding, on hidden hinges that do not restrict the view. Side - with chrome elements and the possibility of lifting and lowering. Lucas wipers.

Seats: 4 adult passengers. The rear seats are two small chairs with armrests. The front seats are like the rear ones, but without an armrest, and with the ability to change the seating depth.

Hood: Made of high quality stainless steel with quick opening fasteners.

Wings: Arched type. Perfectly protect the car on the road.

Trunk: Metal with chrome lock. Part of the space is used for the folded roof. Tools are stored in a separate compartment.

Colors: Body, Wheels, Fenders/Trim/Roof; Black/Brown, Grey-Black, Red, Green, Beige/Beige or Black; Apple Green/Green/Beige or Black; Carnation Red/Red/Beige or Black; Navy/Blue/Beige or Black; Ivory/Green, Red, Brown, Beige/Beige or Black; Cream/Green, Red, Brown, Beige/Beige or Black; Nile Blue/Blue/Beige or Black; Raspberry/Raspberry/Beige or Black; Beige/Beige, Red/Beige or Black; Olive/Green/Beige or Black.

Price: 16 HP - £380, 20 HP - £385.

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SS 1 Drop Head Coupe also called

SS 1 Drophead Coupe
SS 1 Tourer

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People: William Lyons William Walmsley

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