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SS Cars SS 1 Airline Saloon

Production: 1934 - 1936

Production Type: Mass Production

Produced: 626

The SS 1 Airline Saloon was a model whose body was designed by William Walmsley and had a hint of a popular aviation theme.

SS 1 Airline Saloon

About SS Cars SS 1 Airline Saloon

The model was developed at the end of 1934, and already from 1935 appeared in the company's catalogs.

The creation of this particular model is attributed to one of the directors of the company - William Walmsley, because. it is known that the second manager, William Lyons, did not like her design. Most likely, this model is the last creation of Walmsley in the dungeons of the company.

Be that as it may, it can be seen that at present this model is one of the most prominent in the entire line of SS 1 cars.

If all previous models (except, perhaps, the Walmsley Roadster) were almost similar, and mainly differed in the upper body, then this model definitely stood out with its new design and technical solutions.

The production of the model ended in 1936. It is known that they managed to make about 626 cars.

SS Cars SS 1 Airline Saloon Overview

From the very moment of its appearance, it has unambiguously secured the status of the most graceful model, distinguished by its smooth lines of the body.

Demonstrates amazing spaciousness in the cabin, and huge space in the luggage compartment. Like all SS models, the SS 1 Airline is the epitome of speed, understated audacity, and superb comfort.

SS Cars SS 1 Airline Saloon Technical Specification

Engine: 6 cylinder engine "Standard" supplied exclusively for "SS Cars Ltd". 16 HP, £16, 2143 cc, bore and stroke 65.5x106 mm. 20 HP, £20, 2663-7 cc, cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 73x106 mm. Contains: RAG carburetors, aluminum pistons, ignition coil, cooling and lubrication systems, etc. All elements are made of high quality alloys.

Gearbox: Gear ratios - 16 HP: Top - 4.50, Third - 6.18, Second - 9.51, First - 16.20. 20 HP: Top - 4.25, Third - 5.83, Second - 8.98, First - 15.30. Synchronized, allows you to switch speeds quickly and conveniently.

Dimensions: Wheelbase - 9′ 11″, track width – 4′ 5 1/2″. Length - 15′ 3 1/2″, width - 5′ 5 1/2″, height - 4′ 8 1/2″, inside width - 4′ 1 1/2″, doors - 3′ 9 1/4″ , seatback height - 2′ 1″, inside cabinet depth – 3′ 6 1/2″, from the center of the backrest to the base of the pedals – 3′ 9 1/2″ maximum, 3′ 2″ minimum.

Drive: Marles-Weller.

Electrical equipment: All equipment 12 volts. QBD/166S/GC headlights, reversing light, fender-mounted sports lamps, brake lights, horn, ignition.

Frame: Low profile and high rigidity.

Axle: H-beam front axle. "Floating" rear axle with steel casing. 4 differential gears.

Suspension: Provides stability and comfort at various speeds. Springs with silent blocks. Supplied on special supports for quick installation.

Dampers: Mechanical Andre Hartford. Front - 34 3/8 × 1 3/4. Rear - 42 1/8 × 1 3/4.

Wheels and tires: Dunlop 18x5.50 with 18" Rudge-Whitworth sports rims.

Brakes: From the manufacturer Bendix "Duo Servo" on all 4 wheels (manual and foot). Hand brake.

Gasoline Equipment: Rear mounted 12 gallon gas tank, AC fuel pump

Bumpers: Rear bumper provides protection for the spare wheel and trunk. They look pretty attractive.

Body: Made with smooth and graceful lines, a work of true craftsmanship.

Finishing: Firm "Vaumol" in a color in harmony with the color of the body. All wooden interior elements are made of polished walnut wood. Floor covering of the salon combined with the color of the body.

Dashboard: Functional, and includes: radiator temperature thermometer, electric fuel gauge, speedometer, ammeter, electric clock, oil pressure gauge.

Sunroof: Very easy to open and wide enough.

Doors: Mounted on high-quality chrome-plated hinges. They have sufficient width, which will provide comfortable entry even for the largest passenger.

Windows: Windshield with the possibility of folding, installed on hidden hinges that do not interfere with the review. Lucas wipers.

Seats: Will provide comfort for 4 adult passengers. The rear seats are in the form of two small chairs with armrests. The front seats are similar to the rear, but without an armrest. However, they have the ability to change the landing depth due to the rails.

Hood: On fasteners providing convenient opening. Made from stainless steel.

Mudguards: Adequately protect the car on the road. They have an arched shape.

Luggage accommodation: Closed luggage compartment located at the rear of the car. The drop down rear panel provides a platform for additional luggage and also carries the tools installed in a special soundproof container.

Accessories: Ashtray, mirror, light and light switch, rear curtains, small folding tables in the back of the front seats, glove compartment in the dashboard. Some elements are chrome plated.

Colors: Body/Trim/Wheels/Fenders; Black/Green, Red, Brown, Grey-black/Black/Black; Green apple/Green/Green apple/Green apple; Red Carnation/Red/Red Carnation/Red Carnation; Birch/Blue or Red/Birch or Red/Birch; Lavender/Blue or Red/Lavender or Red/Lavender; Dark blue / Dark blue / Blue / Dark blue; Ivory/Green, Red, Blue, Brown/Ivory/Ivory; Cream/Green, Red, Blue, Brown/Cream/Cream; Blue Nile/Blue/Blue Nile/Blue Nile; Raspberry/Raspberry/Raspberry/Raspberry; Beige/Beige, Red/Beige/Beige; Olive/Green/Olive/Olive; Silver/Light Blue*/Silver*/Silver (This color scheme is for an additional £5).

Price: 16 HP - £360, 20 HP - £365. With DWS hydraulic system - 16 HP - £365, 20 HP - £370.

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SS 1 Airline Coupé
SS 1 Airline

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People: William Lyons William Walmsley

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