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Swallow Sidecar Short Chassis

Production: 1924

Production Type: Mass Production

The Swallow Sidecar Short Chassis is the company's finest chassis, the result of years of experience in sidecar building.

Short Chassis

Swallow Sidecar Short Chassis Overview

This Chassis is the outcome of years of experience gained in the manufacture of “Swallow” sidecars, and has only been evolved as a direct result of exhaustive tests carried out by us over the last twelve months in an earnest endeavour to provide the prospective customer with a chassis which, for strength, durability, comfort, and an ability to give complete satisfaction under all conditions, will be second to none.

Swallow Sidecar Short Chassis Technical Specification

The springing is of the car type, there being V elliptic springs both front and rear. Single-leaf springs at the front and three-leaf springs at the rear, excepting in the case of a model with a dickey seat, which has five-leaf at the rear.

The chassis is of a robust construction, employing 1 1/4 high-grade heavy gauge weldless steel tubing.

All lugs are made of the best quality malleable iron casting, accucately machined, with pegged tubes scientifically brazed.

A detachable wheel spindle is fitted, and the mudguard is now rigidly anchored to the wheel lug instead of the wheel spindle as hitherto.

Quickly detachable fittings can be supplied for any make of motor cycle.

New Swallow Short Chassis (less tyre and tube) – 8£ 0s. 0d.

Fourth Point Attachment – 12s. 6d.
Sunbeam Patent Ball Joint Rear Chain Stay Connection – 8s. 6d.

Swallow Sidecar Short Chassis Photogallery

People: William Lyons William Walmsley

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