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Swallow Sidecar Model 4

Super Sports De-Luxe

Production: 1924

Production Type: Mass Production

The Swallow Sidecar Model 4 Super Sports De-Luxe is the first model with a rear-facing body. It was popular with buyers and is a cult model of the company.

Model 4

Swallow Sidecar Model 4 Overview

The reputation of this Model renders a lengthy description unnecessary. Its extreme popularity is convincing of the quality and elegant design of this sidecar.

It is always the choice of the discriminating purchaser who realises that absolute reliability and the smart appearance of his outfit means more to him than the saving of a little initial outlay, a sum which could soon be expended after purchase on an inferior article.

To those who require a sidecar for both competition work and touring, this sidecar has, undoubtedly, made a strong appeal. The graceful lines of the body considerably enhance the appearance of any machine, and the comfort afforded the passenger gives the impression of luxury rather than speed.

Swallow Sidecar Model 4 Technical Specification

For Machines 2(3/4)-4 h.p.
For 4 h.p. and upwards on No. 1 Chassis.

The body: constructed of highly polished aluminium, with painted and lined moulds to suit requirements, or as an alternative, polished mouldings with plated nose, is perfectly streamlinded, and offers minimum wind resistance. Perfect rigidity and strength is ensure by the scientific construction of the frame, which is of specially selected Ash throughout.

The upholstery: offers luxurious comfort; the cushion and backrest are pneumatic, and of patent design which ensures bouyancy and depth of accommodation. The interior is trimmed in first quality leather cloth, heavily plated, in colours to match the paintwork.

The locker: is very spacious, and, undoubtedly, a considerable asset for touring purposes.

Chassis: Lightweight No. 2 for machines up to and including 4 h.p. Or No. 1 chassis for machines over 4 h.p. Specification on page 10.

Dimensions: Length of body, 85 ins. Height of back, 19 in. Inside width, 18 ins.

Windscreen: Of “Triplex” unsplinterable glass, which ensures the passenger’s safety against flying stones, etc. It affords ample protection against strong head winds, and may be adjusted to any angle required. (See sidescreen specification, on page 9).

Coverall apron: of first-grade hood material in colours to match upholstery.
Lamp: acetylene or electric, fitted with powerfull domed lens, ruby at the rear. Of exceptionally neat design, conforming with the general lines of the body.

Wheel: of any size may be supplied, with voiturette rim, built up with heavy gauge spokes to a large hub.
The suspension: of the body has been scientifically studied and given exhaustive tests, and is such that all road shocks and side swings are entirely eliminated.

Fittings: these may be supplied for any make of Motor Cycle. They are quickly detachable, a few minutes sufficing to remove the sidecar from the machine. See page 10.

Disc: A one-piece spinning, of highly-polished aluminium, is quickly detachable, thus dispensing with the unsightly flap usually provided for inflation purposes.

Tyre: Dunlop Cord of any size is supplied to suit requirements. (Balloon tyres at small extra cost to order).

Step: aluminium cast out of the solid, and supported by means of a special arm from the near side member of the chassis.

Price complete as per specification, weight approximately 80 lbs – 23£ 10s. 0d.
Fitted with No. 1 chassis for machines over and upwards of 4 h.p. weight approximately 100 lbs – 25£ 0s. 0d.

Coupe hood: for this model is supplied at an extra charge of – 3£ 0s. 0d.

Swallow Sidecar Model 4 Photogallery

People: William Lyons William Walmsley

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