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SS Cars SS 2 Coupe

Production: 1934 - 1936

Production Type: Mass Production

Produced: 154

SS 2 Coupe is a model of the second series, which was produced on a new chassis from "Standard" with a partially redesigned body.

SS 2 Coupe

About SS Cars SS 2 Coupe

A car in this body appeared at the end of 1933, and was included in the 1934 catalogs. It differed from the first SS2 model in a couple of main factors:

  1. Modified body with more graceful front fenders;
  2. Extended seats for rear passengers;
  3. Stronger engines (a choice of two different ones became available).

The reason for the increase in power, most likely, was the rumor that the car, in general, is "more for show than for fast driving." Moreover, there were even rumors about the first model SS 1, which had a more powerful engine, and which was also redesigned, releasing SS 1 Coupe Series 2 . What can we say about the less powerful SS2. However, it is worth paying tribute to the gossips - even they confirmed the quality of workmanship and catchy design.

It was this model that became the basis for the following SS 2 cars.

Approximately 154 SS 2 Coupes were made between 1934 and 1936. This is most likely due to the appearance of more attractive models SS 2 Open Four Seater and SS 2 Saloon . But it is more likely that the production of the model was completed in the same 1934, because. the 1935 pamphlets did not include the car.

SS Cars SS 2 Coupe Overview

The growing popularity of the SS2, hitherto produced as a 2-seater with rear seats only for minors, means that this model is not only appealing to those who prefer two-seater models, but also to those who require an inexpensive four-seater with high quality.

The 1934 model has been revised and presented in a new format. Many different changes were included, and every detail of the equipment was installed after careful consideration of quality and comfort. The car is designed with the same care as all SS models. The rear seats are at the same level as the front seats, and are identical to the seats in the SS1 models. They also provide perfect comfort for 4 passengers.

SS Cars SS 2 Coupe Technical Specification

Engine: "Standard" with side valves and four cylinders, made of high quality materials. 10 HP, cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 63.5x106 mm, 1343 cc - £10. 12 HP, - cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 69.5x106 mm, 1608-5 cc - £ 12. Ignition coil, aluminum pistons, RAG carburetor, water cooling system, engine lubrication system, etc.
Dimensions: Overall length 14′ 0″, interior body depth 3′ 5″, width 4′ 7″, height 4′ 6″, interior width 3′ 9″, backrest to pedals 3 ′ 8″ max., 3′ 2″ min., back height - 2′ 1″, doors - 3′ 6″, wheelbase - 8′ 8″, track width - 3′ 10 1/2″.
Gearbox: Synchronized, allows quick and easy gear shifting. Gear ratios: Top - 5.29, Third - 7.68, Second - 12.84, First - 20.85.
Frame: High strength and rigid.
Bridge: Front - beam H-shaped type. Rear - "Floating" with a closed casing made of steel. Four gear differential.
Suspension: Flat springs with silent blocks. Fast installation possible thanks to special supports.
Dampers: Mechanical from Hartford. Rear - 38 3/4 × 1 3/4. Front - 29 3/4 × 1 3/4.
Management: Marles-Weller.
Wheels and Tires: 18" Rudge-Whitworth with Dunlop 18x4.75 tyres.
Brakes: Bendix "Duo Servo" on all four wheels and handbrake.
Gasoline Equipment: Complete with AC fuel pump and 8 gallon gas tank located at the rear of the chassis.
Radiator and grille: With chrome elements. Made in accordance with the smooth lines of the body.
Bumpers: Have a substantial and attractive appearance.
Electrical equipment: 12 volts. Headlights LB/140/EDFE/5 with switch, brake lights, reversing light, sports lights on fenders, ignition, Lucas horn. The metal elements of the lamps and horn are chrome-plated.
Finish:“Vaumol” upholstery in colors that harmonize with the car body. The instrument panel and other wooden elements are made of polished walnut wood. Carpeting in a color matching the body.
Body: With an excellent leather roof and a roomy trunk. Made with smooth lines and is an example of quality workmanship. Salon with excellent comfort and easily accommodates 4 adults.
Doors: Supplied with a quality lock and mounted on chrome hinges. They allow even the tallest passengers to enter and exit without any problems.
Roof: Made from high quality leather. The package includes chrome-plated hinges and protective visors.
Trunk: Leather trunk equipped with a chrome-plated lock. Spacious and comfortable for travel.
Sunroof: Spacious sunroof with quick opening function.
Window: The windshield is installed on hidden hinges (do not interfere with the view) with the possibility of opening. The rear window can be opened for more ventilation. Lucas wipers.
Hood: Stainless steel with quick access fasteners.
Fenders: Deep arches with adequate protection of the car from external conditions.
Seating: Comfortably accommodates 4 adult passengers. The rear seats are made in the form of chairs with armrests, combined with optimal legroom for passengers. The front seats are similar to the rear, but without armrests. They also provide sufficient comfort for both the driver and the passenger, but with the additional possibility of adjusting the depth.
Dashboard: Includes: Backlight, electric clock, electric fuel gauge, speedometer, ammeter, oil pressure gauge.
Accessories: Mirror, ashtray, direction indicators, light and its switch, rear blinds.
Colors: Body/Trim/Wheels/Fenders/Roof/Trunk; Black/Brown or Black and Grey/Black/Black/Black/Black; Raspberry/Red/Raspberry/Raspberry/Raspberry/Raspberry; Green apple/Green/Green apple/Black/Black/Black; Carnation Red/Red/Carnation Red/Black/Black/Black; Beige/Beige/Beige/Beige/Beige/Beige; Carnation Red/Red/Black/Carnation Red/Black/Black; Green apple/Green/Green apple/Olive/Olive/Olive; Red carnation/Red/Red carnation/Raspberry/Raspberry/Raspberry; Birch/Blue/Birch/Black or Birch/Black or Birch/Black or Birch; Primrose/Brown or Beige/Primrose/Black/Black/Black; Crimson/Red/Magenta/Black/Black/Black; Lavender/Blue/Lavender/Black or Lavender/Black or Lavender/Black or Lavender; Dark Blue/Navy Blue/Navy Blue/Dark Blue/Birch/Birch; Ivory/Green, Red, Brown or Beige/Ivory/Black or Ivory/Black or Ivory/Black or Ivory; Dark Yellow/Brown or Beige/Dark Yellow/Chocolate/Chocolate/Chocolate; Cream/Green, Red, Brown or Beige/Cream/Black/Black/Black; Blue Nile/Blue/Blue Nile/Black/Black/Black; Grey/Blue or Red/Gray/Black/Black/Black; Silver/Blue/Silver/Blue/Blue/Blue. Brown or Beige/Cream/Black/Black/Black; Blue Nile/Blue/Blue Nile/Black/Black/Black; Grey/Blue or Red/Gray/Black/Black/Black; Silver/Blue/Silver/Blue/Blue/Blue. Brown or Beige/Cream/Black/Black/Black; Blue Nile/Blue/Blue Nile/Black/Black/Black; Grey/Blue or Red/Gray/Black/Black/Black; Silver/Blue/Silver/Blue/Blue/Blue.
Price: 10 HP - £260, 12 HP - £265.

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