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Swallow Fiat Swallow

Production: 07/1929 - 09/1930

Production Type: Mass Production

Produced: 75

The Fiat Swallow Saloon is one of the proposed variants that was intended to replace the Austin Swallow. Based on the chassis and engine from the Fiat 509a.

Fiat Swallow

About Swallow Fiat Swallow

The history of the model began with the purchase by William Lyons of a chassis from a Fiat 509a in 1929 from a distributor in Glasgow.

Unlike the Swift Swallow, this model was shown a little earlier than the autumn exhibition at the British International Motor Show in July 1929. Austin Swallow was not present at the exhibition - there were enough orders for it.

Henlys is quick to add the Fiat Swallow to its catalog, revealing its qualities like any good advertisement.

Despite the attractive design, high-quality finish, and many color variations, the model did not sell well. The chassis proved unattractive to customers.

A little later, Fiat released the 514 chassis, and Swallow Coachwork, having sold out models on the 509a chassis, stopped cooperating with them.

In total, about 75 (different sources indicate a figure from 50 to 100) cars were produced from July, 1929 to September, 1930.

Swallow Fiat Swallow Overview

This model, only recently introsuced, is of such elegant proportions that it would be difficult to find its equal. The long, graceful bonnet, and low build are features which immediately appeal to those of artistic taste.

Swallow Fiat Swallow Technical Specification

Engine: 990 cc (1 liter), 4 cylinders, Valves / cylinders - 2, 22.2 hp (16 kW, 3400 rpm), Intake distribution (timing) - OHV, Cylinder and piston stroke: 65 × 75 mm.

Drive type: Worm.

Maximum speed: Up to 90 km/h.

Transmission: Four-speed mechanics.

Suspension: Semi-elliptical transverse leaf spring.

Shock absorbers: Mechanical.

Curb weight: About 800 kg.

Wheelbase: 2550 mm.

Track width: 1200 mm.

Driving wheels: Rear.

Length: ~3700 mm.

Height: ~1500 mm.

Width: ~1420 mm.

Wheels: Dunlop. The standard Fiat artillery type wheels supplied with the chassis were replaced with spoked ones to match other Swallow cars.

The coachwork: is in highly polished cellulose finish, in attractive colour schemes.

The interior furnishings: are artistically finished in polished mahogany.

The floor coverings: are of pale carpet, in colours to match the cellulose finish.

The upholstery: is luxuriously finished in real leather of pigskin grain, heavily pleated with silk cordings, in colours to match the cellulose finish.

The seating: is very spacious, providing luxurious comfort for four adult passengers. The sunken floor ensures the maximum leg room.

Colours: may be selected from a range of nine combinations: Cream and Crimson; Grey and Green; Light Mole Brown and Deep Suede Brown; Ivory and Black; Cherry Red and Maroon; Sky Blue and Danish Blue; Cream and Violet; Birch Grey and Battleship Grey; Ivory and Dark Blue.
The first-mentioned colour in each case alludes to the body, the latter to the wheels, wings, and chassis. Hood materials and upholstery, however, are supplied only in crimson, green, black, brown, and blue. Colour pattern book, containing standard colours, can be supplied to clients.

Price: 255£.

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