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SS Cars SS 1 Coupe

Production: 1933 - 1935

Production Type: Mass Production

SS 1 Coupé is a redesigned model of the first Swallow SS 1 car, which received various changes in the body and technical part.

SS 1 Coupe

About SS Cars SS 1 Coupe

The SS 1 Fixed Head Coupé appeared around 1933 and was a redesigned previous model – Swallow SS 1. At first, only the body was redesigned, but a little later (in the 1934 model range) the engine power was also increased. This small nuance is noticeable in the 1933 catalog , in which the SS 1 Coupe is presented already in a new body, but with an old 2054 cc engine. The exact reasons for the conversion are unknown, but it is quite obvious that a number of reasons can be identified for which, most likely, it occurred:

A wandering rumor that the car was created more for “showing off” than for a comfortable and fast ride;
Information has reached our days that the first model had some problems with the engine and cooling;
Too little space for rear passengers (children's seats).
First of all, it was distinguished from the previous model by a more spacious interior, which could accommodate 4 adults. Also, the changes affected the body (for example, modified wings turning into steps) and the technical part (a more powerful engine).

It was on the basis of this model that, later, SS 1 models in other bodies began to be produced.

The car was sold from 1933 to 1935. This model was no longer in the catalogs of 1935. The approximate number of cars built is still unknown.

SS Cars SS 1 Coupe Overview

The beauty of SS has long been a tradition. Attractive in lines, color, it prevails among those cars that can satisfy the requirements of the most demanding buyer.

Of course, this car is different from its competitors, its design and graceful lines make it a real modern representative.

To sit behind the wheel of such a car is a real and exciting experience. It has a powerful engine, excellent acceleration and a smooth ride that is mesmerizing. In addition, it has responsiveness and sensitivity, giving complete satisfaction from the ride. It proved its effectiveness and capability in various trials throughout 1933. The 1934 model has a more powerful engine, giving faster acceleration and more speed.

The comfort provided to the passengers is without a doubt perfect and able to bring pleasure when traveling at the highest speeds. Also, the 1934 model has an even more spacious cabin than the 1933 model.

SS Cars SS 1 Coupe Technical Specification

Engine: Specially designed 6 cylinder “Standard” with side valves. 16 HP, cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 65.5x106 mm, 2143 cc - £16. 20 HP - cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 73x106 mm, 2663-7 cc - £ 20. Aluminum pistons, water cooling system, lubrication system, ignition coil, etc. Special RAG carburetor Made from various quality alloys.

Gearbox: Synchronized gearbox with comfortable and easy shifting. Gear ratios: Top - 4.75, Third - 6.52, Second - 10.04, First - 17.1.

Dimensions: Vehicle overall length 15′ 6″, width 5′ 5 1/2″, height 4′ 7″, inside body width 4′ 0″, doors 3′ 6″, center back to pedals ( adjustable) - 3′ 8″ maximum, 3′ 2″ minimum, back height - 2′ 1″, body depth inside - 3′ 5″, wheelbase - 9′ 11″, track width - 4′ 5 1/2″ .

Frame: Low profile and high rigidity.

Axle: Floating rear axle with solid steel casing. 4 differential gears. The front axle is an H-beam.

Suspension: Provides comfort and stability at all speeds. Installed springs with silent blocks. Special supports ensure quick installation.

Dampers: Mechanical Hartford. Rear - 42 1/8 × 1 3/4. Front - 34 3/8 × 1 3/4.

Management: Marles-Weller.

Wheels and tires: 18" Rudge-Whitworth wheels with Dunlop 18×5.50 tires.

Brakes: Efficient Bendix "Duo Servo". Mechanical control (manual and foot) on all 4 wheels, as well as a hand brake.

Gasoline equipment: AC gasoline pump with 12 gallon gas tank located at the rear of the vehicle.

Radiator and grille: Made in accordance with the lines of the body. Chrome plated.

Bumpers: They have an attractive appearance. The rear bumper protects the spare wheel and trunk.

Electrical equipment: 12 volts. Large QBD/166S/GC bulbs, ignition, brake lights, reversing lights, fender sport lights, horn. Lamps and horn are chrome plated.

Finishing: High-quality upholstery from the company "Vaumol" in the colors corresponding to the body. The instrument panel, door trim and woodwork are crafted from polished walnut wood. The carpeting is made in a color in harmony with the exterior color of the body.

SS Cars SS 1 Coupe Models

SS Cars SS 1 Overview

SS 1 Coupé also called

SS 1 Fixed Head Coupé

SS Cars SS 1 Coupe Photogallery

People: William Lyons William Walmsley

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