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Swallow Wolseley Hornet Swallow

Production: 1931 - 1933

Production Type: Mass Production

Produced: 550

Wolseley Hornet Swallow is a line of Swallow cars, presented in two body styles, and built on the basis of the Wolseley Hornet.

Wolseley Hornet Swallow

About Swallow Wolseley Hornet Swallow

In early 1931, Swallow Coachbuilding released a new car, the Wolseley Hornet Swallow 2-seater , model 2 with two seats. Like previous cars, the company made only the body and various decorative elements, and the engine and chassis were from the Wolseley Hornet.

The starting price was £220, but by the end of 1931 it had risen to £225.

The car was received quite well, especially considering that only the Henly's concern, whose empire was growing at a rapid pace, was engaged in the sale. This definitely played a positive role not only in the sales of “Swallow” models, but also in the development of the company as a whole.

In October 1931, the next model was introduced - Wolseley Hornet Swallow 4-seater , characterized by the presence of 4 seats. Like previous models released this year, the Hornet Swallow is now equipped with dual bumpers and intake pipes.

In total, about 530-570 cars were created with different types of chassis and modifications.

Swallow Wolseley Hornet Swallow Overview

Both body styles, 2-seater and 4-seater, were built on the same type of chassis, but after the Hornet Special chassis was announced in April 1932, featuring a more powerful engine and a number of other design improvements, production focused on it. It was these cars that lasted the longest, until the decision of the management to make only their own SS 1 cars in 1933.

Swallow Wolseley Hornet Swallow Technical Specification

Engine: 1271 cc (1.3 liters), 6 cylinders, 35 hp (26 kW), Intake distribution - OHC, Cylinder diameter and piston stroke: 57 × 83 mm.

Drive: Worm.

Shock absorbers: Mechanical.

Maximum speed: 100 km/h.

Transmission: Three-speed mechanics.

Brakes: Hydraulics, drum (Lockheed).

Curb weight: ~ 750 kg.

Suspension: Semi-elliptical transverse leaf spring.

Wheelbase: 2299 mm.

Track width: 1067 mm.

Length: ~3073 mm.

Height: ~1350 mm.

Width: ~1372 mm.

Wheels: Dunlop - spoked. 

Swallow Wolseley on a Special chassis
It differed only in improvements in the engine, a slightly modified body, and the installation of a 4-speed gearbox.

Engine: 1271 cc (1.3 liters), 6 cylinders, 41 hp (32 kW), Intake distribution: OHC, two carburetors, Cylinder diameter and piston stroke: 57 × 83 mm.

Transmission: Four-speed mechanics.

Wheelbase: 2223 mm.

Swallow Wolseley Hornet Swallow Models

Wolseley Hornet Swallow 2-seater

Wolseley Hornet Swallow 4-seater

Swallow Wolseley Hornet Swallow Photogallery

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