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Swallow Morris Minor Swallow

Production: 1930

Production Type: Concept

Morris Minor Swallow is an experimental car based on a chassis and engine from Morris Minor. Built in at least 1 copy.

Morris Minor Swallow

About Swallow Morris Minor Swallow

Although they were never cataloged by Swallow, they built at least one such example between the spring of 1930 and February 1931.

This car was shown by Henlys (Swallow's main dealer in the south of England) in their new West End showroom, and mention is made in Andrew White's 1980 book Jaguar - The Ultimate History of the Great British Car. The definitive history of a great British car).

It receives further mention in another book from the eighties, namely Jaguar - The complete illustrated story by Philip Porter, first published in 1984.

Swallow Morris Minor Swallow Overview

Perhaps the model had the standard characteristics of the classic Morris Minor of the time (because it was built on its chassis and engine). However, no mention of this fact could be identified, and perhaps something has been changed.

If you look closely, you can see that the body is very similar to the Austin 7 Swallow. The main distinguishing feature can be called the color of the front-top of the body: the Austin 7 Swallow is rounded on the hood, while this model goes straight, like the similar Morris Cowley Swallow.

Perhaps this model was an attempt to repeat the success of the Austin 7 Swallow, but with a more powerful engine and chassis.

Swallow Morris Minor Swallow Technical Specification

Only a few hypotheses are known:

Engine: ~847cc, 4 cylinders, ~20 hp (15 kW).

Windshield: Double-leaf V-type.

Wheelbase: ~1981 mm.

Vehicle length: ~3073 mm.

Swallow Morris Minor Swallow Photogallery

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