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Swallow Alvis Swallow

Production: 1928 - 1928

Production Type: Mass Production

Alvis 12/50 Swallow Saloon is a model about which there is very poor information. Most likely it was produced in a single copy.

Alvis Swallow

About Swallow Alvis Swallow

Perhaps this car was one of the attempts to repeat the success of the popular Austin Seven Swallow, but in a more powerful incarnation. However, for some reason, there was practically no mention of this model left. Maybe the car just didn't pass the tests, or the management decided to switch to something more important.

As with all Swallow models of the late 30s, the craftsmen most likely assembled only the body, related elements and accessories.

If you look at the body (on the main photo of this article), it becomes clear that it (like the Morris Minor Swallow) is very similar to the Austin Seven Swallow.

This once again confirms the theory that, perhaps, this model was created as a more powerful analogue of Austin 7, but it was from Swallow.

However, one thing can be said with certainty - the experimental models were not in vain. Since the management in the person of Walmsley and Lyons approved the development of cars on units of ever greater power, then this definitely became one of the prerequisites for creating a full-fledged car within the walls of the company itself.

Swallow Alvis Swallow Overview

Due to the lack of information, it is difficult to say exactly what characteristics this model had. Perhaps during the creation of the standard chassis and engine Alvis 12/50 were changed, and the body had its own characteristics different from the Austin Seven Swallow body.

Swallow Alvis Swallow Technical Specification

Engine: ~1496 cc; 4 cylinders; ~20 hp (15 kW).

Windshield: Double-leaf V-type.

Wheelbase: ~2885 mm.

Vehicle length: ~3886 mm.

Swallow Alvis Swallow Photogallery

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