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SS Cars SS Jaguar

Production: 1935 - 1940

Production Type: Mass Production

Produced: 14052

SS Jaguar 1.5 Litre, 2.5 Litre, 3.5 Liter - a series of cars with engines of various capacities. During production it was presented in three body styles.

SS Jaguar

About SS Cars SS Jaguar

In 1935, along with the modernization of the "Stdandard" engine by Harry Whislake, a new chassis was created specifically for this engine. Responsible for the job was William Haynes, who had joined SS Cars Ltd in April 1935 and had previously been in charge of new models at the Humber Car Company.

Both designs fit perfectly and were a great option for the company's first four-door car, the SS Jaguar Saloon .

As in the case of SS Jaguar 100 cars , the SS prefix is ​​not entirely correct, and is most likely just a habit coming from the name of the company (SS Cars Ltd). In all the old catalogs of the company, the models are simply called Jaguars with the corresponding additions to the type of body and engine size.

On September 24, 1935, a couple of weeks before the opening of the London Motor Show, the Mayfair Hotel announced the 2.5 Liter Saloon. Guests present at the opening could try to guess the approximate cost of the car. The average price announced by the guests was £632, while the real cost of the car was £385. It is worth noting that the car was also available in the back of an Open Tourer (not to be confused with Drop Head Coupe).

In the same year, the 1.5 Liter Saloon was introduced - a less powerful version with a more affordable price.

Between the end of 1937 and the beginning of 1938, many changes took place:

  1. Automotive production moved from wood-framed metal-panelled bodies to all-metal welded bodies;
  2. There was an announcement of a new 3.5 liter engine, which accordingly led to the launch of a new model - 3.5 Liter;
  3. The release of the Open Tourer model was discontinued, which was replaced by the Drop Head Coupe body, and for all types of engines (1.5 / 2.5 / 3.5);
  4. The spare wheel has been moved from the fender to a special compartment in the trunk;
  5. SS Jaguar 1.5 Liter got a more powerful engine - 1775.8 cc with an overhead valve cylinder head.

The production of models was curtailed due to the outbreak of the Second World War and proceeded gradually, from the end of 1939 to the middle of 1940. After the war, the production of models will continue, but in a partially modified form.

In the pre-war period, about 14,052 SS Jaguars with various trim levels were manufactured, of which ~850 were exported. Most of all cars were produced for 1.5 liters ~7,335 units, ~5,408 cars for 2.5 liters, and ~1,309 for 3.5 liters.

SS Cars SS Jaguar Overview

All models, to a greater extent, differed only in engines and chassis, not counting some small things and body sizes.

SS Cars SS Jaguar Technical Specification

1.5 Liter Engine 

From 1935 the model was based on the 1608.5 cc engine, and from 1938 moved to the more powerful 1775.8 cc

Engine 1608cc: 4 cylinders; ~40-52 hp; Solex carburetor; Cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 69.5 × 106 mm.
Engine 1775.8cc: 4 cylinders; 66 hp; SU carburetor; Cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 73 × 106 mm.

2.5 Liter Engine

Produced from 1935 to 1940 without changes. Also fitted to the Jaguar 100 roadster.

Engine 2663 cc: 6 cylinders; 103 HP (~70 kW); Two SU carburetors; Cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 73 × 106 mm.

3.5 Liter Engine

Appeared in 1938 in order to increase the power of the entire model range. It was also installed on the Jaguar 100 roadsters and the Jaguar 100 Coupe concept .

Engine 3485cc: 6 cylinders; 125 HP (~93 kW); Two SU carburetors; Cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 82 × 110 mm.

SS Cars SS Jaguar Models

The car was produced not only with three engines of different power, but also in three different bodies:

SS Jaguar Saloon
Fixed-top version of the car with four doors. Sold with all three types of engines.

SS Jaguar Open Tourer
Folding roof body version. The release was established only with a 2.5 liter engine, and only until 1938, until it was replaced by the Drop Head Coupe version.

SS Jaguar Drop Head Coupe
A body with a more versatile folding roof than the Tourer. Produced with all three types of engines since 1938.

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