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SS Cars SS Jaguar Open Tourer

Production: 1935 - 1940

Production Type: Mass Production

Produced: 309

SS Jaguar Open Tourer was produced with a 2.5 liter engine from 1935 to 1940.

SS Jaguar Open Tourer

About SS Cars SS Jaguar Open Tourer

The model appeared as a result of the continued popularity of Tourer bodies and began to be produced in 1935 in conjunction with the SS Jaguar Saloon. The car was introduced with only a 2.5 liter engine and lasted until 1938, when Jaguar Drop Head Coupe cars entered production. Only about 105 cars were made, making them even more valuable to collectors than the Jaguar 100, of which about 309 were made.


SS Cars SS Jaguar Open Tourer Overview

Below is information from a 1937 catalog of a Jaguar Litre Open Tourer with a 2.5 liter engine. Information about the 1.5 liter engine is in the SS Jaguar Saloon article, and the information about 3.5 liter engine is in the SS Jaguar Drop Head Coupe article.

SS Cars SS Jaguar Open Tourer Technical Specification

Engine: Six-cylinder OHV, bore and stroke 73×106 mm, 2663-7 c.s. (19.84 hp) - £15. Two SU carburetors, 7-bearing crankshaft, overhead valves, chrome iron cylinder head, removable cylinder head, light alloy connecting rods, aluminum pistons, forced lubrication system, submersible oil pump, Tecalemit oil filter, pump cooling with thermostat.
Frame: Rigid high strength frame.
Suspension: Lead-coated semi-elliptic leaf springs provide comfort at all speeds. Luvax shock absorbers with silent blocks.
Bridge: Front - H-beam. Four gear differential. Rear - Floating with steel casing.
Gearbox: Four-speed synchronized mechanics. Gear ratios: 1at - 16.20, 2at - 9.51, 3at - 6.18, top - 4.50.
Brakes: Girling brakes (12″x1 1/2″) with 15″ special alloy drums.
Dashboard: Speedometer 100 mph, rev gauge, fuel gauge, oil gauge, temperature gauge, ammeter, electric wipers. All appliances are silver plated.
Controls: Worm-driven Burman Douglass. Comfortable Burman Douglass steering wheel.
Gas equipment: SU electric fuel pump and 17 gallon gas tank.
Electrical equipment: Lucas de Luxe 12 volt kit. P-100 main headlights with switch, fender lights, dash lights, reversing light and brake lights, Lucas double horn.
Windows: Chrome framed and foldable.
Seats: Provide quality seating and comfort. The rear seats are made in the form of small chairs with a folding armrest.
Finishes: High quality Celstra trim and body color carpeting.
Roof: Side flaps with special fasteners. Quick-release hood with the ability to cover the entire cabin or just the rear.
Wheels and Tires: Dunlop 18" sport rims with Dunlop 5.50x18 tires.
Jacking: Carried out with the help of jacks hidden in the car frame.
Trunk: Leather trunk with metal chrome elements.
Dimensions: Wheelbase - 9′ 11″, track width – 4′ 6″. Overall length - 15′ 0″, width - 5′ 6″, height -4′ 10″, ground clearance - 7 1/2″.
Colours: Body/Trim: Olive/Olive; Burgundy/Red; Green suede/Green suede; Cream/Red, Olive, Blue; Dark blue/Blue; Black/Black Grey, Brown, Red, Olive, Dark Beige, Beige; Lavender Grey/Olive, Red, Blue. Other colors - £5. White and pearl mother-of-pearl - £ 10. Wheel painting - 1 £ 1s 0d. Other upholstery colors - £2 10s 0d.
Price: £375.

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