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SS Cars SS Jaguar 100

Production: 09/1935 - 1940

Production Type: Mass Production

Produced: 309

The SS Jaguar 100 (SS 100) is a more powerful version of the SS 90 , with minor technical additions, and can reach speeds of up to 100 miles per hour.

About SS Cars SS Jaguar 100

For the modernization of the SS 90 engine, in 1935, a contract was awarded to Harry Whislake. As a result of the work done (cylinder head with valves located in it and a camshaft above them), engine power increased from 70 to 103 hp. And already on September 24, 1935, the very first copy of the SS 100 (Jaguar 100) left the factory.

It is worth noting that the model is often called “SS” precisely because of the previous model, although immediately after the announcement in September 1935, a catalog of Jaguar models was created in October, in which it was called the Jaguar “100”. In future official catalogs of the company, the model was also always referred to as Jaguar, so the generally accepted name “SS 100” is not entirely correct.

In October 1937, the Jaguar 100 model was announced with a new 3.5 liter engine, added to the model catalogs from 1938.

There is a photo of the first model with a 3.5 liter engine at the door of the Foleshill factory. Notably, it features a unique Jaguar mascot unlike any other Jaguar mascot. The mascot was named "Prince Michael", in honor of the first owner of the car. All SS 100 models were not equipped with such talismans, and it was not possible to trace the history of this particular one.

In 1938, at the London Motor Show, the SS Jaguar 100 Coupe (Fixed Head Coupe) was presented, released in a single copy, which, rather surprisingly, could survive to this day.

In total, about 309 Jaguar 100s were built between 1935 and 1941: ~191 with a 2663 cc engine, ~118 with a 3485 cc engine, as well as one Jaguar 100 Fixed Head Coupe model with a 3485 cc engine.

SS Cars SS Jaguar 100 Overview

External differences from the SS 90 were only the installation of different headlights from Lucas and massive Girling brake drums. The Jaguar 100 was produced with two types of engines, and, apart from some parts, differed only in them. Below are the characteristics of both engines.

SS Cars SS Jaguar 100 Technical Specification

2.5 L – 2663cc; 6 cylinders; 103 HP (~70 kW); Two SU carburetors; Cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 73 × 106 mm.
3.5 L – 3485cc; 6 cylinders; 125 HP (~93 kW); Two SU carburetors; Cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 82 × 106 mm.
Overhead valves, pushrods, 7-bearing crankshaft, aluminum pistons, chrome iron cylinder head, light alloy connecting rods, detachable head, cooling with special pump with thermostat, submersible oil pump, forced lubrication system, Tecalemit oil filter, special ignition coils and distributors Lucas, two SU carburetors.

Transmission: Four-speed, synchronized.

Gear ratios: (2.5 liters) 1at - 14.40, 2at - 8.45, 3at - 5.48, top - 4.00. (3.5 liters) 1at - 13.6, 2at - 7.96, 3at - 5.18, top - 3.78.

13.5 Seconds (0-97 kmh / 0-60 mph) –  (2.5 L)
10.4 Seconds (0-97 kmh / 0-60 mph) –  (3.5 L)

Top speed:
153 kmh / 95 mph (2.5 L)
160 kmh / 100 mph (3.5 L)

Body Style: Open Two-seater (OTS) / Roadster

Dimensions: Length: 3,886 mm / 153 in, Width: 1,600 mm / 63 in, Height: 1336 mm / 52.6 in

Wheelbase: 2,642 mm / 104 in

Weight: 1208 kg / 2,660 lb

Dampers: Luvax CMPC hydraulic dampers front and rear.

Brakes: Girling with Ferodo BZ pads. Brake drums Millenite.

Wheels and tires: Dunlop sports rims on “Dunlop 90” 5.25×18 tires (“Dunlop Fort” on 3.5 liter model). Spare in the back of the car.

Windows: Folding windshield with two removable side screens.

Body: Double Le Mans type body made of aluminum panels. Trunk behind the seats. Folding roof.

Dashboard: Speedometer at 120 mph, rev gauge, ammeter, oil gauge, temp gauge, fuel gauge, clock, cigarette lighter, dual horn.

Gas equipment: 14 gallon gas tank with quick release filler cap. Two electric fuel pumps.

Controls: Worm-driven Burman Douglass.

Electrical equipment: 12 volts. Large headlights, brake and reversing lights, double horn.

Colors: Body/Trim/Roof; Olive/Olive, Beige/French Grey; Dark Blue/Navy Blue, Beige/French Grey, Black; Ash Green/Suede Green/Black, French Grey; Burgundy/Burgundy, Beige/French Grey, Gun Grey, Black; Green Suede/Green Suede/French Grey; Honeysuckle colors / Beige, Red Black, Dark sand; Gun Grey/Red, Black Grey/French Grey, Black, Gun Grey; Ivory/Green Suede, Red, Beige/Dark Sand, Black; Birch/Red, Black Grey/Gun Grey, Black, French Grey; Navy Grey/Red, Black Grey/French Grey, Gun Grey, Black; Lavender Grey/Green Suede, Red, Blue/French Grey, Black; Black/Brown, Red, Olive, Black Grey, Beige, Dark Beige/Black, Dark Sand, French Grey.

Price: 2.5 liters - £ 395. 3.5 liters - £ 445.

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