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SS Cars SS Jaguar 100 Coupe

Fixed Head Coupe

Production: 1938

Production Type: Concept

Produced: 1

SS Jaguar 100 Coupe (Fixed Head Coupe) is a unique model released in a single copy and made on the basis of the famous Jaguar 100.

SS Jaguar 100 Coupe

About SS Cars SS Jaguar 100 Coupe

Like the Jaguar 100, the car must have a similar name with a Coupe suffix, without the different SS designations. The letters SS in the name are most likely a common habit that came from SS 90 . The car is also known as the Jaguar 100 Fixed Head Coupe .

It turns out that our article is also not named correctly, but we simply pay tribute to the habit and understand that people looking for this model will look for information about it by the wrong name. Only in this way will they be able to find out about the true name of the model.

The car was presented at the London Motor Show in 1938. It was equipped with a 3.5 liter engine and had a new body shape. The car magazine "Autocar" described this car as "Dashing and British".

It is not known for certain why only one copy was released, but two alleged versions were found:

  1. The model was created to promote the Jaguar line of cars and was not planned for a serial launch;
  2. The enterprise was loaded with orders, and the situation became more complicated with the outbreak of the Second World War.

The car was partly similar to the Jaguar 100 , which is quite natural. Common were the hood and grille. Even the fuel tank was larger than on conventional roadsters. Gone are the classic fender pegs and removed various elements on the bodywork to accentuate the smooth lines. With all the body work, it's no wonder the Coupe is 350 pounds heavier, but that hasn't stopped it from reaching 100 mph as well.

At the tail of the car there was a trunk and a spare wheel hidden in a special compartment. Under the hood was a “licked” engine, which was normal for “show cars”, as well as a couple of auxiliary lamps for lighting.

Lyons is said to have been impressed by the styling of the Bugatti Type 57S Atalante and the sleek profile of the Alfa Romeo coupe of the time, which may have led to the creation of the car. It also shares many similarities with the post-war XK120 coupe , especially in the rear.

The car was the most expensive Jaguar model of that time - £595. It was sold off the stand to one Leo March, for his 17-year-old son Gordon, who nicknamed the car "The Gray Lady".

SS Cars SS Jaguar 100 Coupe Overview

The exact characteristics of the model, from official sources, could not be established. There is only a part of the general information is available, it makes no sense to speculate about other characteristics of the car. Information about the model should be as accurate as possible, but at the moment this is not possible.

SS Cars SS Jaguar 100 Coupe Technical Specification

Engine: Six-cylinder 3.5 liters - bore and stroke 82×110 mm, 3485-5 c.s. (25.01 hp). Overhead valves, two SU carburetors

Gearbox: Four-speed, Manual.

Brakes: Mechanical on 4 wheels, drum.

Top speed: 104 miles per hour.

Other Features: Sunroof, trunk, spare tire under trunk.

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Jaguar 100 Coupe also called

SS 100 Coupe
SS Jaguar 100 Coupe
Jaguar 100 Fixed Head Coupe

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