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SS Cars SS 90

Production: 1935

Production Type: Mass Production

Produced: 25

The SS 90 is in fact the first truly sporty production car from SS Cars Ltd, and laid the foundation for future high-speed Jaguar models.

SS 90

About SS Cars SS 90

In early 1934, William Walmsley assembled an exclusive SS 1 Roadster for himself , which business partner William Lyons really did not like. the whole process passed by him, and with the use of materials and workers involved in the production of serial models. It is worth noting that this was not the first conflict within the company. By the end of the year, the reduction of Walmsley was announced, who himself confirmed his resignation.

In March 1935, a new model was presented to the public - SS 90. It's funny, but the model was very similar to Walmsley's roadster , which was noted by many people who saw his personal project. How exactly the decision was made to continue work on sports models similar to the Walmsley project is unknown. In general, SS 90 can be called the work of William Lyons. Perhaps William Haynes, who joined SS Cars Ltd in 1935 and had previously been in charge of new model production at the Humber Car Company, saw the potential in the Walmsley Roadster and persuaded Lyons to start producing "real" sports cars.

The number "90", in the name of the car, meant the maximum speed in miles. In total, about 23-25 ​​cars were built, for the sole reason that the public demanded more powerful “stuffing”, and the SS 100 car was developed almost immediately.

SS Cars SS 90 Overview

The SS 90 fills the gap between pure racing spec cars and everyday everyday cars. Focused on high performance, it is on a par with other successful racing cars.

It has a short wheelbase with a fixed chassis, suspended frame, a special 20 hp “Standard” engine, two carburetors, and a compression ratio of 7:1. It has an excellent power-to-weight ratio for fast acceleration. It is also worth adding the ability to accelerate over 90 mph and excellent traction.

Yet despite its masculine performance, the SS 90 is comfortable enough to be used as a fast touring car.

Built in accordance with the rules of the "International Sporting Code", the car is attractive enough to withstand the strongest opposition, both British and Continental.

Extremely low construction, flared wings, and a small frontal area reduce wind resistance to a minimum. Note also the heavily ribbed large-diameter brake drums.

At the rear of the car are a pop-up roof, a spare tire, and an 18 gallon gas tank. The trunk for things is located behind the seats.

SS Cars SS 90 Technical Specification

Engine: Specially designed "Standard" with 6 cylinders. 2.7 L (2663 c.c.), 20 HP / 3.8 bhp, 67 kW, @ 3,800 rpm, cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 73x106 mm. Compression ratio 7:1, two RAG M-type carburetors, 7 bearing crankshaft, aluminum pistons, aluminum cylinder head, die-cast duralumin connecting rods, submersible pump lubrication system, adjustable thermostat cooling system, etc.
Gearbox: 4-Speed Manual, Hardy-Spicer.
Gear ratios: Top - 4.25, Third - 5.83, Second - 8.98, First - 15.30.
Acceleration: 17 Seconds (0-97 kmh / 0-60 mph)
Top speed: 150 kmh / 93 mph (2.5 L)
Body Style: Tourer, 4-seat Coupé
Dimensions: Length: 3,810 mm / 150 in, Width: 1,600 mm / 63 in, Height: 1372 mm / 54 in (FHC)
Wheelbase: 2,642 mm / 104 in
Weight: 1,143 kg / 2519.9 lb
Frame: High strength, moderately stiff.
Bridge: With four differential gears. Front - H-beam (Reversed Elliott). Rear - "floating" with an all-metal steel casing.
Suspension: Semi-elliptic leaf springs with silent blocks. Quick-release, on special fasteners.
Dampers: Andre Hartford (adjustable).
Controls: 18 inch steering wheel.
Wheels and tires: Dunlop 18x5.50 with 18" Rudge-Whitworth chrome rims.
Brakes: Girling 4-wheel drum brake system, handbrake.
Electrical equipment: Equipment for 12 volts. QBD/1665/GC headlights with switch, brake lights, reversing light, fender lamps, Lucas horn, Lucas BR 12 ignition. Windows: Folding windshield, electric wipers.
Gasoline equipment: Dual fuel pump system - electric SU + AC, 18 gallon gas tank in the rear of the chassis, additional fuel tank.
Hood: Quick access mount with multiple ribbed vents on top and side.
Fenders: Provides minimal wind resistance.
Dashboard: Speedometer, speed gauge, oil gauge, ammeter, engine temperature gauge, damper control, start button, inspection light socket and switch.
Price: £395.

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