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SS Cars SS 2

Production: 1932 - 1936

Production Type: Mass Production

Produced: 1801

The SS 2 (SS Two) is a vehicle announced in conjunction with the SS 1, but is partly stripped down due to a number of different factors.

SS 2

About SS Cars SS 2

Like the first SS 1 , the SS 2 ( SS2 Coupe Series 1 ) was presented at the London Motor Show in autumn 1931. The preparatory stage for the announcement of models began a few months before the exhibition. A large-scale advertising campaign was launched, which significantly aroused the interest of the population.

Auto production began at the very beginning of 1932. Due to the accumulating number of orders, it was decided to curtail the production of many models and switch to SS 1 and SS 2. Only a part of the models survived until 1933 - Standard Swallow and Wolseley Hornet Swallow , but their production ended when the production of SS models began in others bodies.

A year later, in 1932, the car got a four-speed gearbox. At the end of 1933, the body and chassis were slightly changed, introducing the second series SS 2 Coupe to the public , as well as two new models - SS 2 Open Four Seater and SS 2 Saloon , whose production began in 1934.

In 1934, the car began to be equipped with two more powerful Standard engines.

For the entire time of the release of SS 2, from 1931 to 1936, they managed to build about 1801 copies in various bodies.

SS Cars SS 2 Overview

The very first SS 2 , which appeared in 1931, was produced with a 1005 cc engine and on a Standard Little Nine chassis. In 1934, they made changes to the technical part and the body, as a result of which the car got a couple of new engines: 1343 cc and 1608-5 cc.

SS Cars SS 2 Technical Specification

Chassis 1931

Engine: 16HP; 1005cc; 4 cylinders; 22 bhp; Cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 60.25 × 88 mm.
Transmission: Three-speed mechanics.
Dampers: Mechanical Hartford.
Suspension: Semi-elliptical leaf spring.
Brakes: Branded Bendix “Duo Servo” on all wheels (hand and foot).
Length: ~3657 mm.
Height: ~1346 mm.
Width: ~1346 mm.
Width inside: ~1091 mm.
Management: Worm.
Wheels: 18" wheels with Dunlop Magna 4.75x27 tires.
Wheelbase: ~2285 mm.
Track width: ~1117 mm.
Maximum speed: 90 km/h.

Chassis 1934

10HP; 1343cc; 4 cylinders; Cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 63.5 × 106 mm.
12HP; 1608-5cc; 4 cylinders; Cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 69.5 × 106 mm.

Cars produced in 1934 differed in performance from the previous model. Characteristics of a car in each of the body types can be found in a special section of SS 2 models . Below are some of the common options:

Suspension: Semi-elliptical leaf spring.
Dampers: Mechanical Hartford.
Transmission: Four-speed mechanics.
Brakes: Mechanical Bendix “Duo Servo” on all four wheels and handbrake.
Management: Marles-Weller.
Maximum speed: 100-110 km/h.

SS Cars SS 2 Models

SS 2 Sports
The very first SS 2 car model, also known as SS2 Sports (Series 1).

SS 2 Coupe
The second, redesigned model, which received a modified body and a couple of new engines with increased power.

SS 2 Open Four-Seater
A model with an open-folding roof, a popular car of the Tourer type at that time.

SS 2 Saloon
Model with body type Saloon, the popularity of which began to grow exponentially.

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