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SS Cars SS 2 Open Four-Seater

Production: 1934 - 1936

Production Type: Mass Production

Produced: 550

SS 2 Open Four-Seater is a SS 2 model in the body type "Tourer" popular in the 30s, which appeared as a result of the expansion of the model range.

SS 2 Open Four-Seater

About SS Cars SS 2 Open Four-Seater

The model appeared at the end of 1933 as a result of the expansion of the SS 2 car lineup. The reason for the creation of a car in this body, most likely, was the popularity in the late 20s and early 30s of the “Tourer” type models. Accordingly, in some circles, the model is collectively known as the "Tourer" as well as the "Full Four Seater Open Sports".

Some sources indicate that the model appeared in 1935, but pages from the 1934 catalog have come down to our time, in which a car is presented in this body. It can be concluded that the car was announced along with the SS 2 Coupe Series 2 and SS 2 Saloon.

The exact number of copies released is unknown, but a small assumption can be made. In total, about 1800 SS 2 cars were manufactured, from their number we subtract ~550 Coupe models of the first series and ~154 Coupe of the second series, and we get the figure 1096 - the number of manufactured SS 2 Open Four Seater and SS 2 Saloon models . Given the popularity of both models, we can conclude that both models accounted for approximately 550 cars each.

Like all other SS models, their production ended in 1936.

SS Cars SS 2 Open Four-Seater Overview

Smaller analogue of SS 1. Ready car for those who need a moderately powerful open sports car that can easily accommodate four adults. To all the equipment and speed performance required for this car, added high-quality SS trim, expressed in every slightest detail.

All-weather equipment without any problems will protect the car from adverse environmental conditions.

SS Cars SS 2 Open Four-Seater Technical Specification

Engine: "Standard" with four cylinders and side valves. 1343 cc, 10 HP, bore and stroke - 63.5x106 mm - £10. 1608-5 cc, 12 HP, bore and stroke - 69.5x106 mm - £12. Aluminum pistons, RAG carburetor, engine lubrication system, engine water cooling system, ignition coil, etc. Engine elements are made of high quality alloys.
Dimensions: Overall length - 14' 0", height - 4' 6", inside body width - 3' 9", doors - 3' 6", from backrest to pedals (adjustable) - 3' 8" maximum, 3' 2 ″ minimum, wheelbase – 8′ 8″, track width – 3′ 10 1/2″.
Transmission: Synchronized gearbox with fast and comfortable shifting. Universal Joint Hardy Spicer. Gear ratios - 10 HP: Top - 5.29, Third - 7.68, Second - 12.84, First - 20.85. 12 HP: Top - 4.86, Third - 7.06, Second - 11.80, First - 19.18.
Frame: Strong frame with increased rigidity.
Axle: Rear axle - "Floating" with a steel casing. Front - beam H-shaped type. 4 differential gears.
Suspension: Springs with installed silent blocks and the possibility of quick installation.
Dampers: Hartford mechanical dampers. Front - 29 3/4 × 1 3/4. Rear - 38 3/4 × 1 3/4.
Management: Marles-Weller.
Wheels and tires: Rudge-Whitworth with 18" chrome rims and Dunlop 18x4.75 tires.
Brakes: Branded Bendix "Duo Servo" on all four wheels and a sports handbrake.
Gasoline Equipment: AC Gasoline Pump with 8 gallon gas tank located at the rear of the machine.
Electrical equipment: 12 volts. LB/140/EDFE/5 headlights with switch, fender-mounted sport lamps, Lucas horn, brake lights, reversing light. All elements of the lamps and horn are chrome-plated.
Finishes: “Celstra” upholstery and flooring in colors to match body paint.
Body: Is the result of a real masterful work. It combines smooth and graceful lines, as well as a high-quality leather roof and a capacious trunk.
Doors: Allow even the tallest passengers to gain access to the car interior. Complete with chrome-plated hinges and a high-quality lock.
Window: Folding and opening windshield. Branded wipers Lucas. Side windows, with the possibility of quick installation, are attached independently of the retractable roof, and can be installed even without it. Provide good protection from adverse weather conditions.
Hood: It is made of high quality stainless steel and has special fasteners for quick access to the space under the hood.
Fenders: Arched fenders with excellent protection of the car from adverse external conditions.
Seats: Allows you to comfortably accommodate four adult passengers. The front seats in the form of comfortable chairs comfortably accommodate both the driver and the passenger, with the possibility of changing the depth with the help of roof rails. The rear seats, like the front, with ample legroom for passengers, but with additional armrests, and no roof rails.
Dashboard: Includes: Clock (English+French Time), Fuel Gauge, Engine Temp Gauge, Sight Lamp Socket, Speedometer, Ammeter, Oil Gauge, Starter Button.
Colours: Body/Trim/Wheels/Fenders; Black/Green, Red, Brown/Black/Black; Raspberry/Raspberry/Raspberry/Raspberry; Green apple/Green/Green apple/Green apple; Cream/Green, Red/Cream, Red/Cream; Beige/Brown, Red/Beige/Beige; Red Carnation/Red/Red Carnation/Red Carnation; Ivory/Green, Red/Ivory, Red/Ivory; Blue Nile/Blue/Blue Nile/Blue Nile; Lavender/Blue or Red/Lavender or Red/Lavender; Birch/Blue or Red/Birch or Red/Birch; Olive/Green/Olive/Olive.
Price: 10 HP - £260, 12 HP - £265. With DWS hydraulic system: 10 HP - £265, 12 HP - £270.

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