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Jaguar XJ13

Production: 03/1966

Production Type: For Competitions

Produced: 1

About Jaguar XJ13

The Jaguar XJ13 was a prototype racing car designed to compete at Le Mans in the mid 1960s, but It never raced, and only one was produced. The car has not been officially valued, but a £7 million bid for it was declined by the owners in 1996. It was more than 3 times the price of a Ferrari 250 GTO at the time. On 21 January 1971, the XJ13 got into an accident, the resultant crash heavily damaged and nearly destroyed the car. The wreck of the car was put back into storage and some years later the car was rebuilt, to a specification similar to the original, using some of the body jigs made for its original construction.

Jaguar XJ13 Technical Specification

5.0 L DOHC XK-6 60º V12 – 4993,5 c.c., 502 bhp, 374,3 kW, @ 7600 rpm

5-Speed Manual – ZF 5DS/25

3.5 Seconds (0-100 kmh / 0-62 mph) –  (2.5 L)

Top speed
281 kmh / 175 mph

Body Style
Roadster / Open Two-seater (OTS)

4,810 mm / 189 in
1,800 mm / 71 in
1,000 mm / 39 in

2,410 mm / 95 in

998 kg / 2,200 lb

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