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Jaguar V8 Engine Military Spec

9 Litre V8 Engine Military Specification

Production: 1953 - 1957

Jaguar V8 Engine Military Spec

Design work on the engine continued through 1953 and into 1954 with the first components being machined in June 1954. The first engine was running by mid-January 1955 and only two small snags were experienced, one was the Hobourn Eaton oil pump which could suck through the release valve and the other was a high-pitched whine that was traced to the exhaust cam running dry. They were simple problems and quickly addressed to continue with the engine tests. Early on in the design process twin-choke downdraft Zenith carburettors were selected and fitted to the unit as it was in-build, but the setup proved too tall and the Lucas mechanical fuel injection was chosen. However, this system, although fitted to the initial engine, required more work and later examples of the V8 unit were fitted with lower profile Solex carburettors. Following trials by Jaguar at Browns Lane, two examples were shipped to the Ministry of Supply for the Army to carry out their own trials.

One complete engine is known to have survived, as it was discovered in the 1970s at an ex-military scrapyard and purchased by two tractor-pulling enthusiasts who rebuilt it for fitting into their competition vehicle.

This remarkable Jaguar V8 engine was in evidence throughout the 1980s and into the early 1990s but has now been retired. There is no exact information about its current whereabouts.

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