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Jaguar Mark V

Production: 1948 - 1951

Production Type: Mass Production

Produced: 10499

Jaguar Mk V (Mark V) is a pair of Jaguar cars with old engines, but with a more advanced body and improved technical parts.

Mark V

About Jaguar Mark V

The Mark V was shown to the press and distributors on September 30, 1948. It may seem that the name of the model does not quite fit into the general logic of the company's lineup, however, this also has its own meaning. From 1946 to 1948, 5 cars were developed with different experimental chassis. Of all the prototypes, only one was chosen, which, according to the documents, was marked Mark V, which led to the name of the model. This information was shared by William Lyons himself during the announcement of the model on September 30th.

On October 27, 1948, at the London Motor Show, examples of the Mk V Saloon and Mk V DHC were presented with the already conventional 2.5 and 3.5 liter engines.

The car was received favorably, although another novelty of the company stole everyone's attention - the sports Jaguar XK120 , built on the basis of the new XK engine. Why didn't the classic Mark V also get the latest engine? The management decided that the model was too conservative, and it would be enough for the engines already loved by many, the initial production of which was laid back in the pre-war period. It is worth noting that despite the virtually outdated engines (although the 2.5-liter engine was partially modified), the models developed a decent maximum speed (about 120 km / h for 2.5, and 150 km / h for 3.5).

Jaguar Mark V was very similar to the previous model Mk IV , however, the novelty was distinguished by many different changes: more graceful body lines, headlights recessed into the front fenders, hidden door hinges, a new shape of bumpers, decorative body caps at the rear wheels, etc.

In the technical part there were also a number of changes, the main of which was the new front suspension designed by Bill Haynes (independent, double wishbones and torsion bars).

The production of the model ceased in 1951, when the more advanced Jaguar Mark VII came to replace it . ~10503 examples were built, of which: ~9502 Jaguar Mk V Saloon and ~1001 Jaguar Mk V DHC.

Jaguar Mark V Overview

The model was produced with two engines, which we have already considered many times both in cars of the 1930-1940 model range and in the post-war period.

Jaguar Mark V Technical Specification

2.5 Liter: 2663 c.c.; 6 cylinders; Cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 73 × 106 mm; Two S.U. carburetor; 103 HP (~70 kW).
3.5 Liter: 3485 c.c.; 6 cylinders; Cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 82 × 110 mm; Two S.U. carburetor; 125 HP (~93 kW).

Jaguar Mark V Models

Jaguar Mark V Saloon
A car with a solid body made of stamped metal (analogous to the modern Sedan), produced with 2.5 and 3.5 liter engines.

Jaguar Mark V Drop Head Coupe
Model with the now classic DHC (folding roof) body. It was also introduced on both engines.

Jaguar Mark V Photogallery

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