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Jaguar Mark IV

Production: 1945 - 1949

Production Type: Mass Production

Produced: 12042

Jaguar Mk IV (Mark IV) is a slightly modified model that continues the SS Jaguar series in the difficult post-war period.

About Jaguar Mark IV

After the war, the company could no longer carry the name "SS Cars Ltd" due to associations with the German SS. It was considered an excellent option to name the company - “Jaguar Car Limited”, in honor of the successful pre-war SS Jaguar 1.5 \ 2.5 \ 3.5 Liter models.

The history of the model is simple to the point of banality. Jaguar Mark IV is a continuation of the 1.5 \ 2.5 \ 3.5 Liter lineup, but in the post-war period. Until 1948, the model was produced with the established name Jaguar and a postscript in the form of an installed motor, until the new Mark V model was announced.

It was after this that the unofficial name Mark IV appeared, which makes it possible to distinguish the old model from the new one. By the way, it was used mainly by various car dealers, who, due to this, simply simplified their lives. It is noteworthy that the model with a 1.5-liter engine was now produced only in the Saloon body, although DHC was also launched on this engine in the pre-war period.

Model production ended in February 1949. During this time ~12,042 cars were produced: ~11,378 Jaguar Mk IV Saloon and ~664 Jaguar Mk IV Drop Head Coupe. Some of the cars were exported.

Jaguar Mark IV Overview

Post-war models definitely differed from pre-war ones in a number of different ways. Stamped discs, a new interior heating system (in the modern sense, a heater), and various other little things were added.

Jaguar Mark IV Technical Specification

As in the pre-war period, the model was produced on three types of engine:

1.5 Liter Engine: 1775.8 c.c.; 4 cylinders; Cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 73 × 106 mm; S.U carburetor; 66 HP.

2.5 Liter Engine: 2663 c.c.; 6 cylinders; Cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 73 × 106 mm; Two S.U. carburetor; 103 HP (~70 kW).

3.5 Liter Engine: 3485 c.c.; 6 cylinders; Cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 82 × 110 mm; Two S.U. carburetor; 125 HP (~93 kW).

Jaguar Mark IV Models

Jaguar Mark IV Saloon
Model with an all-metal body and a fixed roof, produced with three types of engines.

Jaguar Mark IV Drop Head Coupe
A drop-roof model that replaced the Tourer body. It was produced with two engines of 2.5 and 3.5 liters.

Jaguar Mark IV Photogallery

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