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Jaguar Mark IV Saloon

Production: 1945 - 1949

Production Type: Mass Production

Produced: 12042

The Jaguar Mark IV Saloon is a post-war model of SS Jaguar with an all-metal body type Saloon produced on three different types of chassis.

Mark IV Saloon

About Jaguar Mark IV Saloon

The closed-body model appeared back in 1935 and was simply called SS Jaguar Saloon , but in 1940 production was stopped due to the unexpected outbreak of World War II.

The relaunch started only in 1945. The model had a number of small changes (compared to the pre-war one) and by 1948 received an unofficial postscript to the name - Mark IV , in order to make it easier to distinguish it from the company's new car - Jaguar Mk V. This is how the Jaguar Mk IV Saloon came about.

In the post-war period, about 11,378 Jaguar Mark IV Saloon cars were built: 1.5 liters ~5,761 (right hand drive - 5450, left hand drive - 311), 2.5 liters ~ 1,757 (right hand drive - 1,682, left hand drive - 75), 3.5 liters ~ 3,860 (right hand drive - 3,606, left hand drive - 254).

Jaguar Mark IV Saloon Overview

Post-war cars in this body were supplied with three types of engines of different capacities: 1.5 Liter , 2.5 Litre , 3.5 Liter.

Jaguar Mark IV Saloon Technical Specification

1.5 Liter: 1775.8 c.c.; 4 cylinders; Cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 73 × 106 mm; S.U carburetor; 66 HP.
2.5 Liter: 2663 c.c.; 6 cylinders; Cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 73 × 106 mm; Two S.U. carburetor; 103 HP (~70 kW).
3.5 Liter: 3485 c.c.; 6 cylinders; Cylinder diameter and piston stroke - 82 × 110 mm; Two S.U. carburetor; 125 HP (~93 kW).
S.U. carburetor, chrome iron removable cylinder head, Tecalemit oil filter, forced lubrication system, light alloy connecting rods, aluminum pistons, 3 bearing crankshaft, thermostatic pump cooling, submersible oil pump, ignition coils.

Frame: Sufficiently rigid frame with excellent durability.

Suspension: Lead coated semi-elliptical leaf springs. Hydraulic shock absorbers.

Gearbox: Mechanical synchronized four-speed gearbox. Gear ratios: 1at - 19.23, 2at - 11.84, 3at - 7.08, top - 4.75.

Brakes: Girling system with Millenite drums and handbrake on all 4 wheels.

Dashboard: Speedometer at 120 mph, rev gauge, cigarette lighter, ammeter, oil gauge, water temperature gauge, fuel gauge, turn signal switch, ignition warning light, air conditioning warning light, electronic clock.

Gas equipment: 14 gallon gas tank with two electric pumps.

Electrical equipment: Lucas de Luxe equipment set with 12 volt power supply. Headlights with switch, two fog lights, reversing light, electric wipers, brake lights, dual horn, cigarette lighter, turn signals, Clayton interior heater.

Body: Five-seater body made entirely of steel in a two-tone color.

Trunk: Luggage accommodation is provided in a large rear locker whose lid can be lowered for additional capacity.

Spare wheel and tools: Spare wheel in a specially designed compartment (under the toolbox) in the rear of the vehicle. Tools in a drawer above the spare wheel and automatic lighting.

Jacking: Quickly done with jacks.

Finish: “Vaumol” with felt backing.

Seats: In "Vaumol" finish. Folding armrest at the back.

Controls: Bluemel steering wheel. Worm-driven Burman Douglass.

Tools and fixtures: Trunk wrench, oil pump, copper and leather hammers, starter handle, tire valve puller, jack, jack handle, adjustable wrench, canister, pliers, pump, three wrenches, two pry bars, small screwdriver with feeler gauge, thickness gauge , five wrenches per box, T-wrench, screwdriver, rear suspension wrench, nipple.

Dimensions: Weight - 25 cwt. Overall length 15′ 1″, width 5′ 5 1/2″, height 5′ 0″, ground clearance 7″. Wheelbase - 9′ 4 1/2″, track width - 4′ 7″.

Colours: Body/Trim: Green Suede/Green Suede; Ivory/Red, Beige; Birch/Red, Grey-black; Marine Grey/Red, Grey-Black; Lavender Grey/Green Suede, Red; Gun Grey/Red, Grey-Black; Black/Dark Beige, Red, Brown, Black Grey, Beige.

1.5 Liter - £615, included sales tax: £786 11s. 0d
1.5 Liter Special equipment - £655, included sales tax: £837 13s. 11d
2.5 Liter - £775, included sales tax: £991 0s. 7d
3.5 Liter - £860, included sales tax: £1099 12s. 9d

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